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GitOps Automation for Kubernetes Stacks

Deliver apps faster and more reliably thanks to safe, scalable cloud native automation powered by Flux. Platform teams love the control, developers love the experience.

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Weave GitOps Assured

Comprehensive support for the OSS cloud native toolkit. Deliver production ready confidence for DevOps and Kubernetes teams.

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Weave GitOps Enterprise

Trusted Kubernetes automation unleashing platform and app teams. Go faster, safely and reliably at any scale.

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AWS and Weaveworks have been strategic partners since 2019, delivering value to customers in banking and finance - including HSBC, Caseware, Curve, and National Australia Bank.

Enable CD automation for Kubernetes on Azure with Weave GitOps Enterprise, Assured and our accelerator. Available on the Azure marketplace.

Openshift teams gain significant advantage with GitOps workflows for deploying apps as well as provisioning and configuring Kubernetes clusters.

Reduce risk for open-source

Enterprise DevSecOps teams strengthen trust and verification of their developer platforms with Weave GitOps through policy-as-code automation, RBAC, and sources of truth such as signed OCI images. Trusted and 100% verifiable SBOMs, images, policies and pipelines reduce operational risk and shift-left necessary security and compliance practices.

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New! GitOps for Backstage

Easily understand the state of Flux resources across your Backstage entities. See the version of a component deployed to production, its status, and last update. Track the state of Kustomization and Helm deployments. Reconcile sources such as Git, Helm and OCI repos. Application and platform teams get a better experience using Backstage and Flux.

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Feature Deep Dive: GitOps Sets

GitOpsSets enable Platform Operators to have a single resource definition for an application for multiple environments and a fleet of clusters. Leveraging generators, GitOpsSets automates the application resource management. This feature simplifies the complex process of defining repetitive, individual parameters and variables by abstracting them to a single definition, making it fast and easy to configure and deploy multiple environments.

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Accelerator for EKS, AKS and BYO

Weaveworks Accelerator is 12 months of software subscription and 4 weeks of expert consulting to accelerate your cloud native success. We build a well architected Kubernetes platform including Cluster API and Terraform with you, so you can operate workloads across various underlying infrastructures such as on-premise, vSphere, AKS, GKE, EKS or others.

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How to's and best practices

DevOps Automation

Automating software delivery is a top priority at many organizations but it is not an easy task. Improve security, increase efficiency and address compliance.

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Continuous Application Delivery

Continuous application lifecycle is all about end-to-end automation of the software delivery process - from development to production. Unleash cloud native speed.

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GitOps & Kubernetes for beginner

Dive deep with handpicked learning resources crafted by the pioneers of GitOps and Flux CD. Here, you'll find everything you need to kick-start your GitOps journey with confidence.

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What’s new from Weaveworks?


Introducing the Flux CD Plug-in for Backstage Automation

Weaveworks’ Flux CD plugin for Backstage empowers application developer and platform teams with granular visibility over Flux resources. Seamless integration and automation deliver a smooth and simple developer experience when creating, deploying, and operating GitOps-enabled applications and infrastructure.

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Beginners Guide to Platform Engineering

In this guide, we delve into the fundamentals of platform engineering: what it is, how it works, and the benefits of this new approach.

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