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GitOps Automation for Cloud-Native Stacks

Run faster and delight customers thanks to safe, scalable automation. Platform engineers control and create golden paths for application teams.

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Supported Flux

Weave GitOps Assured delivers production-ready confidence for DevOps. Enhance Flux with our open source catalog.

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Trusted GitOps

Weave GitOps Enterprise adds automation and scalability for platform and app teams to go faster, safely and reliably.

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The Power of Flux Meets the Trust and Scalability of Weave GitOps

Weave GitOps Open Source improves developer experience and simplifies the complexities and cognitive load of deploying and managing cloud native apps on Kubernetes so teams can go faster.

Weave GitOps Assured meets evolving needs by delivering enterprise support, extensions, and a software catalog when engineers are ready for the next generation Internal Developer Platform.

Weave GitOps Enterprise adds automation and 100% verifiable trust to existing developer platforms, enabling faster and more frequent deployments with guardrails and golden paths for every app team.

Supercharge Your DevOps Journey

Weaveworks Accelerator is 12 months of software subscription and 4 Weeks of expert consulting to accelerate your cloud native success. We build a well architected Kubernetes platform including Cluster API and Terraform with you, so you can operate workloads across various underlying infrastructures such as on-premise, vSphere, AKS, GKE, EKS or others.

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Get Value to Market Faster

Weave GitOps makes it safe to build and deploy faster by simplifying, codifying, and automating Kubernetes and cloud native with our universal GitOps engine. Complexity, skill-gaps, and talent shortages that cause friction and slow the growth and pace of innovation for companies disappear. Customers and competitive edges feel the benefit.

How it works
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Boost Productivity & Efficiency

Weave GitOps empowers platform teams to create flexible and powerful automated golden paths and guardrails for frictionless developer experiences. App dev teams see 3x increases in coding and an end to waiting or the distraction of operating cloud infrastructure. Productivity and efficiency goes up, projects get back on-track, and everyone wins.

How it works
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Governance and Standardization

Platform teams use flexible and easy to implement controls to ensure consistency, reliability, and cost management while empowering app teams to create approved resources on-demand. Clear ownership with guardrails creates self-servicing app teams that can scale independent of operations teams thanks to automation and codified best practices.

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Secure and Compliant at Scale

Enterprise DevSecOps teams strengthen trust and verification of their developer platforms with Weave GitOps through policy-as-code automation, RBAC, and sources of truth such as signed OCI images. Trusted and 100% verifiable SBOMs, images, policies and pipelines reduce operational risk and shift-left necessary security and compliance practices.

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Use cases

Boost Developer Productivity

Platform teams with the right tools can remove roadblocks to productivity and efficiency while making it easier and safer to operate modern applications across multiple environments.

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Shift Left with Policy-as Code

Add policy as code to GitOps workflows, enforcing security and compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production.

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Operate Kubernetes Easily, Anywhere

Organizations want the flexibility of hybrid and multi-cloud to enable a combination of security and cost savings. Start scaling Kubernetes effortlessly.

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What’s new?


Flux Reaches Graduation at the CNCF

Flux achieved the CNCF’s highest level of project maturity due to the project’s levels of security, health and governance.

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GitOps Accelerates Self-service for Developers and Operators

When it comes to creating and managing a platform, GitOps is particularly well-suited for the task. GitOps enables organizations to adopt a platform model along with a self-service developer experience and automation for operators.

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