Weaveworks Assured Accelerator

Rapid set-up and implementation of well architected Kubernetes platforms

Kubernetes promises software teams flexible and personalized workflows but in reality building and operating a well architected Kubernetes platform is complex and time consuming. The Kubernetes open-source community expands rapidly and DevOps and operator teams need to create streamlined and automated processes that tackle deployment challenges. Platform teams must ensure best practices and guarantee smooth onboarding and operating of applications and teams. Developers yearn for self service workflows but also want security guardrails in place.

Start with a solid foundation to accelerate running workloads in 4 weeks

As pioneers of GitOps and with 9 years of cloud native expertise, Weaveworks can deliver a GitOps enabled Kubernetes solution in 4 weeks on any environment. Our certified patterns and best practices featuring Cluster API, Terraform techniques and an easy to use GUI allow you to jumpstart your cloud native operations. Engaging with us limits risks and empowers teams to focus on continuously innovating and improving.

Create safe, cost effective and reliable Kubernetes infrastructures

The Weaveworks Assured Accelerator helps you enabling development to do the right things:

  • Higher deployment frequency
  • Increased development productivity through self-service workflows
  • Consistent application platform and deployment pipeline
  • Improved reliability with unified operations
  • Centralized governance through policies

What’s included in Assured Accelerator

  • Customer Success in 4 weeks with help and support from Weaveworks using certified patterns and best practices.
  • Assured Support for our OSS tool set (e.g. Flux controllers, GUI, Terraform controller, Weave Policy Agent - please contact us for details).
  • Cloud Native Expertise for 4 weeks of technical support to help, support, educate and review existing architecture and provide best practices and suggestions.
  • Annual Support for up to 100 nodes

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Additional training and support services are available, contact us for more information.

For rapid growing or enterprise teams that need additional features, we are offering a Weave GitOps Accelerator. The accelerator includes an assigned onboarding team, subscriptions for development and production support of Weave GitOps Enterprise.