What a week we had last week with our partners and peers (43,000 to be exact!) in Vegas for the annual AWS re:invent. Thank you for stopping by our booth and chatting containers, microservices and Kubernetes with us! Of course one of the most exciting moments was the  EKS announcement, a managed Kubernetes offering on AWS. (Oh, and here is a talk on how we are running Kubernetes on AWS - tune in.)

And here is one of our favorite talks by AWS Solutions Engineer Chris Hein “GPS: Shipping with Porpoise, a Kubernetes Story”. Chris dives deep into tools that help you build and manage development and production cluster:

Put your feet up, let us do the work


Photo credit: @erwindekeijzer

Weave Cloud’s operations platform includes powerful automation and full-stack observability, to put development teams in control.

  • Deploy with speed and confidence using version controlled continuous delivery
  • Manage proactively through full-stack observability, dashboards and alerts
  • Diagnose application performance with sophisticated metrics and analytics
  • Operate reliably using git-based workflows and declarative infrastructure

Why not sign up for a 14-day free trial and see for yourself?

Ask Me Anything

Last week we invited you to ask our technical team any burning questions you had about running Kubernetes on AWS and they answered live via Reddit. Here is a preview of some of the questions we had:

  • How would you design a consumer-level OS from the ground up to use containers to do pretty much everything?
  • What do you use to provision/manage AWS resources? (terraform, cloudformation, etc)
  • What do you use for ingress load balancing? Do you use the default ELB that is supported by Kubernetes? Or do you have a custom solution (such as one based off of nginx, haproxy, or say voyager)?

To see all questions and answers, including the opportunity to ask one of your own, check out the Reddit thread.

Congratulations to our winner!


In collaboration with CircleCi, Loggly an Rancher, we ran a fun picture riddle competition at re:invent for the chance to win a PS4 VR Bundle Kit. Congratulations to our lucky winner Ben Clayton (@grob4ever), and a special thank you again to our participating partners!

Thanks again to the AWS team and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!