Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (or CI/CD) is the holy grail of DevOps. If you achieve CI/CD, you achieve software delivery nirvana—or so the traditional DevOps mantra goes.

The challenges that organizations face in making the leap from CI to CD are many. They lack the right tooling, are using outdated software delivery strategies, and can more often overlook the importance of visibility and observability of their infrastructure when looking to create a complete CD pipeline.

Watch our on-demand webinar with William Denniss, Product Manager at Google Cloud, and Craig Wright, Customer Success at Weaveworks to see how to overcome these challenges by building an automated CICD pipeline using Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, and Weave Cloud.

Weave Cloud seamlessly integrates with your clusters on Google Cloud Platform. Your GKE cluster is easily connected to Google’s container builder and image repo (or any provider of your choice). Weave Cloud then connects to your Git repository and your choice of CI. It automatically sets up a Kubernetes cluster for CICD so that you can benefit from continuous and high velocity delivery. You can then update and rollback applications via your Git PRs, CLI or GUI. Weave Cloud also provides an integrated ‘full stack’ monitoring and management service to complete the operational loop. Our integrated approach means that a developer can observe deployments as they happen and quickly measure or react to the impact of a change.