AWS re:Invent was a whirlwind, and the Weaveworks team was thrilled to be a part of this gathering of cloud experts. A big thanks to all of the attendees who stopped by our booth to learn how Weaveworks simplifies Cloud Native deployment. We had some great conversations about the differences between monitoring and visualization, and the capabilities of troubleshooting using Weave Cloud. We’re also excited about Weave Cortex and the future of Prometheus monitoring as a service.

We Talk Container Networking and Amazon ECS

Weaveworks’ own Alfonso Acosta co-hosted the session Operations Management with ECS, providing a walkthrough of deploying ECS that included best practices. In case you missed it, you can watch the full presentation below.

Our COO Mathew Lodge presented to a packed room during his presentation the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Container Networking. It was exciting to see so many attendees interested in container networking.

<p>Mathew Lodge presenting</p> Weave Cloud Trial

For us, the most exciting part of AWS re:Invent was giving people a chance to demo Weave Cloud at our booth. Weave Cloud launched in November and brings together Weave Cortex, Weave Flux, Weave Net, and Weave Scope to simplify delivery. You can watch our demo video below narrated by Luke Marsden.

Ready to give Weave Cloud a try for yourself? Sign up for an extended 60-day free trial of Weave Cloud.

Winning: Passes and Passports

We also want to extend a special thank you to everyone who entered to win an AWS re:Invent full conference pass on us. Weaveworks user Robert Mau, and CEO and co-founder of PixoMobile, was the lucky winner of the pass. Robert was able to attend some great panel discussions and spend time with the Weaveworks team, including CEO Alexis Richardson.

<p>Alexis Richardson and Robert Mau</p>


Weaveworks also collaborated with Alfresco, Kontena, Rancher, and Shippable in the Passport Program, awarding one lucky winner with a $5,000 prize. Congratulations to Sudheer Doronkula, who got to go home with the jumbo check.

But the fun of AWS re:Invent isn’t over yet!  We had so many enthusiastic participants stopping by each booth that Shippable and Weaveworks are joining forces for another challenge!

Weave-Shippable Automation Challenge

Weaveworks and Shippable want you to take The Automation Challenge. It’s open to everyone, so if you missed the fun at AWS re:Invent, now’s your chance! Register here. You can read all the details on our blog here.

A lot of exciting things have come out of this year’s AWS re:Invent. We can’t wait for the journey to continue, and we’re already looking forward to AWS re:Invent 2017.