We’re EKStatic that AWS announced the general availability of their managed Kubernetes (EKS) today. It’s EKSactly what we’ve been waiting for - fast and simple Kubernetes on AWS.

The fastest way to create an EKS cluster is a new tool we’ve created: eksctl (available for download on Github). After the cluster is running simply add Continuous Delivery and Prometheus monitoring with Weave Cloud. If you’re already on AWS, then adopting Kubernetes just got AWSome! Ok, no more puns - we promise!

Up until now, teams that are in the AWS ecosystem have had to install and run Kubernetes themselves. EKS removes the work of updating and upgrading Kubernetes. We’ve been working with the AWS team as they’ve developed their managed solution and were lucky to be part of the early access program. We’ve seen the effort they’ve put into building a managed solution that is scalable and stable. If you’ve wanted to try out Kubernetes on AWS it’s just a click away -> click!

There are still a few hoops to jump through to set-up an EKS cluster. If you just want to get up and running then we’ve created a tool called eksctl. It creates an EKS cluster with a single command. It’s a small Go program inspired by kubectl, simple to install and run - read more in this blog post.

If you are looking to enable continuous delivery and prometheus monitoring on your EKS clusters, consider adding Weave Cloud. Weave Cloud automates the release of workloads into the cluster and records each change in git (GitOps). This means that any deployment can be reverted easily. Developers can release as fast as they’d like as any failure can easily be undone. 

Weave Cloud also provides simple and powerful metrics monitoring with Prometheus. By default it provides automated dashboards showing the EKS cluster’s health. For each workload we provide an automatic dashboard so it’s simple to monitor services. As it’s based on Prometheus you can add your own monitoring using the power of PromQL.

To really understand how an application is performing we want to monitor the whole experience end-to-end. That includes ingress (e.g. ELB) into the cluster or services that are outside the Kubernetes cluster (for example databases). Weave Cloud can ingest CloudWatch statistics so that there’s a single view across all the Prometheus metrics. Create an account on Weave Cloud for the instructions. 

Kubernetes is now available as a managed solution on every major public cloud. If you’d like help using or operating Kubernetes on AWS (or elsewhere) then we’d love to help you. Contact us today!