As of today, Weaveworks is part of the newly launched AWS container competency program. The AWS container competency is reserved for technology partners with deep AWS expertise that provide specialized technical proficiency and proven customer success with operating container workloads.

To see the full announcement - tune in to the live stream of AWS re:Invent here.

Why has AWS recognised Weaveworks as container experts? And, what does this mean for customers?

Our journey to container expertise started in 2015 when we began running our SaaS on AWS. Running a large, multi-tenanted service has been full of thrills and spills! It also gives us unique insights into the challenges facing teams developing Cloud Native applications. Check out our post on how we organize and monitor our clusters for our highly available multi-tenant service at scale.

We're applying  our knowledge of Cloud Native on AWS to our open source projects (Kubernetes, Cortex etc) and participation in AWS SIG and SIG cluster lifecycle. Our installer for EKS (a handy CLI tool called eksctl) has been a fantastic open source collaboration between AWS, us and the wider community. 

We've taken all our experiences of creating and running Cloud Native applications on AWS and applied them to Weave Cloud. There are 3 EKSiting reasons (ha!) to use Weave Cloud for managing your Kubernetes cluster on AWS: 

  1. Use developer centric tools such as Git for deployments to EKS. Weave Cloud’s continuous deployment feature supports Git-cluster synchronization - simply use a pull request for fast, auditable and reversible application deployments.

  2. Our hosted Prometheus instance allows for real-time monitoring of your deployments in a highly dynamic environment like Kubernetes. View run-time metrics for HTTP or language specific metrics for GO, JVM or OpenFaaS apps in automatic dashboards or send smart alerts and notifications to your favorite ops tool if something goes wrong.

  3. Correlate and observe your whole system (applications and infrastructure) with one tool. Weave Cloud seamlessly integrates and extends AWS Cloudwatch so you can easily visualize RDS database and ELB stats.

If you haven’t quite made the leap to Kubernetes yet, our team of experienced SRE’s would be happy help you answer questions or offer support - have a look at our subscription and services.

This is what Jeroen Serpieters, Head of Engineering at Soho House says about working with us on their Kubernetes set up on AWS:

“Weave Cloud helped us build our new Kubernetes clusters with confidence. The Weaveworks team went above and beyond to make sure we have the right monitoring, but also helped us to determine a proper deployment pipeline.”  Read the full story.

Happy AWS re:Invent week!