Working remotely has its own set of challenges but it also has its perks. The time you save from getting ready in the morning and commuting to work, you can now spend on sipping a cup of coffee and watching one of our webinars on demand,  connecting with us at one of our live events or catching up with our online user group. 

Top 3 webinars on-demand 

Automating Kubernetes with EKS and GitOps

If you or your team is involved with operating Kubernetes, especially in an EKS environment, then this one is for you. Watch Michael Hausenblas, Developer Advocate at AWS and Kalbir Sohi, eksctl Product Manager at Weaveworks as they discuss and demonstrate:

  • How to get started with Amazon EKS and eksctl
  • What GitOps is and what the benefits are of implementing it
  • Configuration management with GitOps on Amazon EKS with eksctl
  • Patterns for managing multiple environments and clusters with GitOps


From Pilot to Platform: Scaling Up Enterprise Kubernetes

Start wrapping your head around Kubernetes in an Enterprise setting today. If you or your team are considering utilizing an Kubernetes powered platform, this discussion explains what to look out for and what the actual benefits are in the near and long term future.

GigaOm analyst Jon Collins and Steve George, COO from Weaveworks discuss:

  • The opportunity and challenge presented by a Kubernetes-based microservices architecture
  • How to ensure the right elements of strategy, to maximize effectiveness while minimizing risk
  • The roles and responsibilities required for embedding Kubernetes in the enterprise


Image is Everything (Let's Keep it Secure!)

The Weave Online User Group holds bi-weekly sessions on a wide range of topics such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, container management, orchestration, visualization, and security; from intro topics to advanced discussion. Here is a youtube playlist in truly binge-worthy fashion:

Register now for these live webinars in April

And here is your chance to connect live with the community over the next few weeks. 

April 8: A GitOps model for High Availability and Disaster Recovery on EKS

Learn how to leverage Weave Kubernetes Platform and GitOps to create disaster recovery plans and highly available clusters with minimal effort on EKS. A live demo will show how to build for reproducibility, security and scale from the start as well as create GitOps driven cluster and lifecycle management.

April 21: GitOps powered management for multi-cluster Kubernetes across any cloud

We have partnered with to discuss common pitfalls and demonstrate how GitOps workflows along with Gloo and Service Mesh Hub can configure, operationalize and extend your application environment across clouds.

April: 22: A GitOps model for managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) for Kubernetes platforms

Learn how GitOps workflows can provide a separation of concerns between development and deployment, automate transparency and auditability and reduce risk through rollback and logging.