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Wealth Wizards provides online financial planning tools and advice. They use Weave Net and Kubernetes network policy to provide encrypted, secure networking for their workloads.

Containers and microservices provide great flexibility but they also present challenges for protecting your network and data. In a dynamic environment it’s more difficult to identify specific resources and you can’t use simple firewalling to protect nodes. In complex environments we may connect elements together across multiple clouds, or between container-based apps and legacy systems. How do we provide defense in depth and segment resources from each other?

We recently caught up with Wealth Wizards who were able to solve their security concerns In Kubernetes with Weave Net.

“Weave Net gives us the ability to drive security right down to the microservice layer with none of the cost of micromanaging the services. It also allows us to extend the security outside the boundaries of the Kubernetes cluster and include the legacy components. A double win!” said Richard Marshall, Head of Platform, Wealth Wizards

Who are Wealth Wizards?

Wealth Wizards, an online financial planning and advice company in the UK, provides a white-label SaaS platform that combines chartered financial planning, actuarial science, and smart software technology to deliver expert advice at an affordable cost via the web. Their drive towards automation reduces the time required for financial advising from weeks to a matter of hours. Their scalable, secure, and robust cloud-based applications offer advice and guidance from personal to employer-level financial services, including pensions, retirement, debt, mortgages, and more. Wealth Wizards believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to create a positive financial future.

The Challenge

For Wealth Wizards it is extremely important to quickly discover and eliminate code vulnerabilities as well as have full visibility of their cloud environment at all times. Auditors need to have the confidence that Wealth Wizards can analyze any breach or data loss at all times. Wealth Wizards wanted to control traffic through access restrictions, and they wanted to run a dynamic, cloud-native environment where workloads can run anywhere.

Wealth Wizards currently run their Kubernetes containerized infrastructure on AWS EC2 (a multi-AZ deployment in the EU regions). In addition the team is utilizing AWS ancillary services such as RDS, S3, IAM, KMS and route 53. Terraform is used to implement a typical PCI-compliant, 3-Tier, 3-AZ VPC for their microservice platform along with the high-level Security Groups.

Wealth Wizards chose to use AWS due to their wide support within the community as well as the huge range of products AWS offer to make cloud computing easier, safer and more secure. "When you’re working with large financial institutions who use the cloud, it makes sense to use a provider everyone understands and is familiar with." Richard Marshall, Head of Platform, Wealth Wizards.

Wealth Wizards needed a solution for securing their Kubernetes clusters on AWS for security and compliance for their auditors. Download the case study to learn more about how Wealth Wizards implemented Weave Net as their solution for securing their Kubernetes clusters on AWS for security and compliance for their auditors.

Download full case study