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December 01, 2020

Multicluster GitOps on EKS-D with WKP

This demo shows how easy it is to install Weave Kubernetes Platform and use GitOps to build a continuous deployment pipeline and promote deployments from a development cluster to production. This scenario covers a development cluster based in the cloud on AWS EKS, together with a production deployment on-premise with EKS-D.

September 25, 2015

Deploy An Elastic High-Availability SQL Cluster with Crate and Weave

Today we would like to share another great use case of Weave Net & Run. The folks at Giant Swarm have used our product to enable ease of scaling for their customer’s database cluster which runs Crate.IO distributed SQL database....

September 18, 2015

Using Weave and Scope with Convox

Weave and Convox make a great match. While Convox simplifies platform maintenance, allowing you to create a private cloud in minutes, Weave Run and Weave Scope do the same for distributed application development by...

August 04, 2015

Weaving runc

Yesterday I demonstrated Weave working with rkt; today I tried runc. As a reference implementation (of the OCF), runc has fewer niceties than rkt (or Docker for that matter). There’s no image management and what-have-you. That means a bit...

August 03, 2015

Weave and rkt

Weave works straight-forwardly with CoreOS’s rkt. In part this is because rkt‘s networking model is uncomplicated; and in part it’s because Weave uses standard bits of Linux networking, so it doesn’t need any special treatment. Here’s how...

February 02, 2015

Clocker Makes Container Clouds, Weave Makes the Connections

… Weave is used as an overlay network to connect multiple hosts running Docker. It allows developers to run more complex apps without having to worry about such issues as port forwarding. Alex Williams, The New Stack Our friends at...