Launch a Kubernetes Cluster in AWS and Connect it to Weave Cloud

How to launch a Kubernetes cluster in AWS using CloudFormation and connect it to Weave Cloud.

CI/CD with Weave Cloud on GCP

How to create a full CI/CD pipeline using Google Cloud

Weave Cloud on Google Container Engine

How to connect a Google Container Engine cluster to Weave Cloud.

Istio and Weave Cloud

Istio and Weave Cloud

Integrating Grafana with Weave Cloud

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to integrate and set up the popular dashboard Grafana to use it with Weave Cloud monitor.

Configuring Alerts, Routes and Receivers with the RED Method

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure and test Alerts. The sample microservices app was already instrumented to capture the RED metrics. You will configure routes, receivers and alerting rules based on those metrics in Weave Cloud.

Part 4: Secure Container Firewalls

Secure your app by defining Kubernetes Network Policy and enforce it with Weave Net. Also, how to monitor your Weave Net network in Weave Cloud with Prometheus monitoring.

Part 3 Monitor: Prometheus Monitoring with Weave Cortex

Configure Prometheus Monitoring with Weave Cloud, and view your app's metrics in the Weave Cloud monitoring dashboard. This example uses Kubernetes.

Part 2 Deploy: Continuous Delivery with Weave Cloud

Achieve fast iteration and Continuous Delivery with Weave Cloud by connecting the output of your CI system into your container orchestrator. This example uses Kubernetes.

Part 1 Setup: Troubleshooting Dashboard with Weave Cloud and Weave Scope

Set up, verify and troubleshoot your app with Weave Cloud in development and production. This example uses Docker Compose in development and Kubernetes with Weave Net for production.

Monitoring Microservices with Weave Cloud

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to monitor a microservices stack with Prometheus Monitoring in Weave Cloud as it runs in Google Container Engine. You'll see how the RED methodology works and how that methodology is complemented by including infrastructure level metrics as well.