This is a guest blog from Russell Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ.

Chaos Engineering is all about building confidence in your system, not only from the perspective of system availability for your users but also in terms of other factors such as security. Chaos Engineering is a discipline that helps you find the “unknown, unknowns” that are weaknesses in your system before your customers do.

Chaos Engineering achieves this by creating feedback loops where an experiment is executed against a system, a weakness is observed and then an improvement can be discussed, decided upon and rolled out to the system by the team’s responsible for it. The faster that loop, the quicker you can address your system weaknesses before your customers are hurt by them.

In a recent article, Sylvain Hellegouarch, CTO at ChaosIQ, demonstrates how to implement an accelerated learning and system-improvement loop. With ChaosIQ , built on top of the open source and free Chaos Toolkit, controlled and careful Chaos Engineering experiments were executed against a system running in Kubernetes, and then observed, diagnosed and rolled out with Weave Cloud using the GitOps approach to make improvements based on the surfaced weaknesses.

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