Today the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) made three important announcements at Kubecon London. The first was the formation of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), which performs a key role in determining which open source projects are hosted by the CNCF. The second is the announcement that Kubernetes becomes the first CNCF-hosted open source project, and that Google is assigning all rights to the CNCF. Thirdly, the CNCF announced that Weaveworks co-founder and CEO Alexis Richardson has been elected as chair of the TOC.

The TOC was elected by the CNCF governing body, of which I am an elected member. As I’ve blogged about before, I’m pleased that we had many strong, experienced and influential open source leaders from across the industry as TOC candidates, and to recap, the following members were elected:

  • Jonathan Boulle, a CoreOS engineer leading the development of Rocket
  • Bryan Cantrill, chief technology officer at Joyent
  • Camille Fournier, ZooKeeper PMC member, committer
  • Benjamin Hindman, Apache Mesos co-creator, founder and chief architect at Mesosphere
  • Ken Owens, chief technology officer of cloud services at Cisco
  • Alexis Richardson, co-founder and chief executive officer at WeaveWorks

Kubernetes as the first CNCF project

Admitting the first open source project, Kuebernetes, and finalizing the TOC is an important step for the CNCF. It’s the first tangible deliverable and serves as a starting point for building out a cloud native computing “stack”. With industry players from Goldman Sachs through Docker, Mesosphere and Google, the opportunity is there to accelerate the journey of end users to a cloud native and container-based future.

The next step is to build out an End User committee, and for this we, the vendor community, need help of those forging a path to a cloud native future. This is your chance to contribute to shaping what it means to be cloud native, and help the TOC decide what other projects should become CNCF projects. So I encourage anyone who wants to shape the future of the CNCF to get involved.

Image (c) Copyright Mathew Lodge; used with permission 🙂