Colorisebot is a nifty little Twitter bot which transforms black-and-white photographs that you tweet it, into color within seconds. It’s been cleverly built by two British seventeen-year olds, Finnian Anderson and Oli Callaghan using OpenFaaS.


Functions as a Service or (OpenFaaS) is an open-source framework for building Serverless functions on top of containers. It was launched 12-months ago by Alex Ellis and so far it’s gained over 8k GitHub stars, Best Cloud Software Award from InfoWorld, 65 contributors and over 1400 commits along with a thriving community. 

Weaveworks wanted to get involved in this cool project so we are sponsoring a cluster in GKE for Colorisebot. In addition, Stefan Prodan (an active OpenFaaS contributor, and member of our DX Team) also helped them to integrate Colorisbot with Weave Cloud for monitoring and visualization of traffic between functions. To learn how to set-up OpenFaaS on Kubernetes with monitoring and alerting using Weave Cloud, read our tutorial

Head on over to Alex’s OpenFaaS blog for more background on this fun project.