We’re counting down the days until KubeCon Europe 2018 in Copenhagen!!! Did you know that Denmark made the top of the list for happiest country in the world in 2016 and 2017? Of course the bike highway and the Danish itself can be a reason to visit but we are most looking forward to connecting with our community. Yes, you!

And here are 10 perfectly good reasons why we can't wait to see you all: 


nowledge transfer: Your path to production-ready Kubernetes – join our workshop!


nified logging layers on FluentD with Kubernetes – Lightning Talk (Tues, 1st May, 18:30)


ig things coming for CNCF – 20-20 Vision Talk (Wed, 2nd May, 10:10)


xtra fast user queries with Jaeger and Prometheus – Talk (Thur, 3rd May, 14:00)


eal talk: What does "production ready" really mean for a kubernetes cluster? – Talk (Fri, 4th May, 11:55)


ew to container networking? – Join the SIG: CNI Intro Talk (Thur, 3rd May, 16:35)


xperience Weave Cloud with some great demos at our booth #S-C09


ivoli Gardens - an evening filled with amusement rides and beautiful gardens during the all attendee party


nhance your knowledge of GitOps and Istio – Talk (Thur, 3rd May, 14:00)


ocks! Visit the Weaveworks booth and grab a funky pair of socks  


Phew, and that’s not even half of what you can expect that week. There’s workshops, BoFs, social networking opportunities and more!

KubeCon Team Photo.jpg

Come meet our team at the Weaveworks booth. We look forward to seeing you in T-39 days!