The value of the AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace provides a single-stop shop for curated and validated solutions that work effectively within and together with the services that the AWS Cloud provides. Today we’re launching Weave GitOps Core in the Marketplace.

Through the AWS Marketplace, finding, installing and paying for a wide variety of tools becomes an effortless process that brings many benefits, from reduced time in locating the proper solutions, to simplified and integrated mechanisms for installing them. 

Using the AWS Marketplace you will also have a single location to clearly visualize all the solutions and licenses you are utilizing, and you’ll be able to leverage billing reports, billing alerts and all the other tools available within AWS to manage and govern your spending. 

The process for getting listed in the Marketplace is non-trivial, AWS goes to great lengths in assuring that best practices are being followed and that the software you are getting from the marketplace is secure and reliable.

Why Weave GitOps Core from the Marketplace

Weaveworks’ Weave GitOps Core is an open source solution that enables GitOps on any Kubernetes distribution. With Weave GitOps Core you will be able to continuously deploy and operate your cloud native applications on top of EKS with the guarantee that all principles as defined by the OpenGitOps project are being followed.

Adherence to the GitOps principles gives you the confidence that, through continuous reconciliation and using Git as your immutable single source of truth, you will eliminate configuration drift, enhance your security posture, accelerate your deployment frequency and reduce your mean time to recovery in case of failure.

By installing Weave GitOps Core from the AWS Marketplace you are getting a certified and approved version of our open source solution, delivered directly within AWS, following strict build, release and security requirements and guaranteed to work with EKS.

Installation and integration

There are multiple types of AWS Marketplace offerings, Weave GitOps Core is a “container based” offering, which means it is delivered in containerized form, natively compatible with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service. 


Installation requires only a few simple steps, which you can follow by clicking the “Usage Instructions” link in our Marketplace listing.

If you need help, you can always reach out to us on our Weaveworks Community Slack and our team will be ready to assist you in getting Weave GitOps Core running in your EKS cluster quickly.

Once you’ve completed the installation, you will be able to add and operate applications quickly and easily using our gitops command line tool.

Weaveworks ❤️ AWS

As Principal Partner Solutions Architect, I’m very much focused on helping our strategic partners in supporting their clients. My approach is always to achieve a win-win(-win) outcome, where all parties have a vested interest in everyone’s success: if the client wins, our partner wins and we win.

This type of match is hard to find and takes effort to sustain, and yet, Weaveworks and AWS have built such a unique and strong relationship over the course of the years: 

  • Weaveworks collaborates closely with AWS to provide the best EKS tooling with eksctl.
  • AWS is an investor in Weaveworks.
  • Weaveworks is both a solutions and consulting partner to AWS.
  • Weaveworks’ Flux is bundled as part of the recently launched EKS-Anywhere.

This type of relationship doesn’t happen overnight, and is built on top of solid trust in our technical capabilities as well as having a shared commitment to customer-centric innovation.

What the future brings

Weave GitOps Core is just the start. For organizations that have more complex requirements - multi-tenancy, policy or large scale fleet management - Weave GitOps Enterprise serves those needs. This is available as a private offer and you can contact Sales for more details.

We’d love to hear your feedback and learn about how you’re using GitOps in AWS. Please reach out and share with us your experience with Weave GitOps Core in the AWS Marketplace.