Today we are pleased to welcome a guest post from Amjad Afanah, founder of DCHQ, in which he talks about using Weave to provide high availability for container-based clustered applications running on the DCHQ platform.

DCHQ, now available in both hosted as well as on-prem versions, is a governance, deployment automation and lifecycle management platform for Docker-based applications. Along with advanced application modeling, the solution provides core enhancements to Docker Compose like cross-image environment variable bindings, extensible BASH script plug-ins that can be invoked at request time or post-provision, application clustering, monitoring, continuous delivery and auto scaling.

After launching our beta earlier this year, one of the most important enhancements requested by our customers has been a way to ensure high availability for their applications across multiple hosts or even regions.

Thanks to our integration with Weave, which facilitates cross-container communication across multiple hosts, we’ve been able to address this completely. We now support hybrid cloud deployments and high-availability clusters that comply with enterprises’ affinity rules. Weave’s easy installation made it simple for us to include it as part of our own agent setup and infrastructure automation & auto-scaling workflows.

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