Declarative delivery at scale: Weave GitOps

June 30, 2021

We just launched Weave GitOps, an opinionated GitOps product. App delivery and continuous operations have never been easier and more secure than from within Git. Take full control of Kubernetes running anywhere with Weave GitOps.

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Streamline Kubernetes Workflows with Weave GitOps Assured

A Kubernetes platform for improving application delivery and continuous operations at scale

Interest in GitOps has just exploded. We believe part of this success is it hits home with almost everyone, not only cloud native stakeholders. Insights from the research we performed to build the GitOps Maturity Model, led us to conclude that Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code are excellent high level mental models. However, most users need a specific implementation to easily tackle app delivery and continuous operations in Kubernetes. Remember, cloud native is a “drop in the bucket” of the long tail IT/Dev community. Defining a specific operational model that makes Git the starting point of cloud native delivery clicks with the vast majority of IT professionals in the world.


Trying to make sense of cloud native to anyone using Git is ultimately Weave GitOps' goal

Weaveworks has been consulting and building GitOps solutions for years now for many big clients. Our clients consider those a secure, fast and scalable application delivery method for Kubernetes. For that purpose we have created and eventually contributed to the CNCF many heavily used projects like Flux, Flagger or Cortex, to name a few. With the GitOps principles in mind (maintained now by the GitOps Working Group (CNCF)), the insights we gathered from the Maturity Model research and our extended experience providing GitOps solutions we have decided to encapsulate all these learnings in an easy to use and opinionated GitOps product. Today we are launching Weave GitOps.

Weave GitOps and the developer experience gap

Adoption of GitOps is solidly increasing mostly driven by huge efficiencies in app delivery and continuous operations. In the same way that GitHub’s mission is making Git accessible and usable to everyone, at Weaveworks we strive to bring GitOps’ continuous delivery and continuous operations capabilities to everyone.

Weave GitOps is a continuous delivery product to run apps in any Kubernetes. We’ve rearranged our portfolio to offer one product with two tiers: a free and open source tier called Weave GitOps Core and a paid tier called Weave GitOps Enterprise (formerly known as Weave Kubernetes Platform).

Start your GitOps journey with Core


Enable GitOps in any cluster in two commands. Boom! Observability and GitOps automation setup between Git and target environment

Weave GitOps Core automates declarative application lifecycle at scale

Weave GitOps Core enables devs to easily deploy applications using GitOps into any Kubernetes cluster. Core enables GitOps in any cluster in two commands. By enabling GitOps in a cluster we mean that it sets a custom profile with monitoring and observability running. Most importantly though, it sets an automation that mirrors Git and any target environment. Weave GitOps’ mission is to avoid drift and update the target environment with the declared state stored in Git. Devs focus then on adding value to their applications and Weave GitOps will make sure it’s deployed to the target environment. Some of the most outstanding features are:

  • Simple installation and setup in two commands: getting started with GitOps in Kubernetes has never been easier. 
  • Development teams have widely different environment requirements. Weave GitOps profiles store cluster configurations for operators to promptly serve a customized platform to devs. GitOps enabled cluster config for any use case: ML, testing… you name it. 
  • Application deployments can be easily visualized through Weave GitOps UI.

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Standardize and automate GitOps across clouds and fleets with Enterprise


Weave GitOps Enterprise delivers continuous operations and control for Kubernetes fleets

Weave GitOps Enterprise’s single pane of glass provides control over any Kubernetes deployment wherever they run. It enables platform engineers to observe closely the health of any environment and take action where it’s required promptly through the Multi-Cluster Control Plane. Updating any environment with no downtime is thus feasible and all is managed from within Git. Wherever that environment is: in public or private clouds, edge, hybrid or an on-premises environments.

Day to day operations involve platform engineers delivering a self-service platform to large numbers of dev teams. They are also responsible for policy and security, environment health and uptime. Weave GitOps Enterprise enables them to run their operations repeatedly in all these fronts with immutable results. They are able to respond at scale and make infrastructure a competitive advantage for their devs.

Some of the most important features are:

  • Unified observability and management through the Multi Cluster Control Plane: Users can enable GitOps in any pre existing cluster easily and connect new ones. Observing and taking granular action in sprawled environments is more efficient from one place.
  • Rapid collaboration between development and operations through Team Workspaces: isolated access to namespaces that can be created easily from within Weave GitOps Enterprise.
  • Access and privileges: RBAC for OpenID Connect groups
  • Weave GitOps Enterprise comes equipped with SSO.
  • Weave GitOps provides a strong audit trail: Git’s commit id hash. Proving that something runs in an environment can be traced back with all approvals.

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The next decade of app delivery: declarative delivery

The declarative revolution is here to stay for good. Public, Private and even edge compute nodes have made Kubernetes almost ubiquitous. Infrastructure is so present and easily provisioned that for us in cloud native land it does already feel like water. It’s promise theory fulfilled.


Kubernetes runs everywhere. You might as well take control of it from within Git where you already are.

With today’s launch we want to democratize access to cloud native app delivery. We believe Weave GitOps is the right product for this. It makes it easy for Kubernetes newcomers to kickstart their GitOps journey to continuous delivery.

If you’d like to learn more about the Weave GitOps and the future of GitOps join us on July 13th at 10am PT for a webinar.

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Streamline Kubernetes Workflows with Weave GitOps Assured

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