Industry analysts, GigaOm, discuss Weaveworks and our GitOps solutions for managing infrastructure and applications for Kubernetes in their latest research byte, ”DevOps Orchestration in a Cloud Native World”.

Summary and key findings

DevOps orchestration in a Cloud-Native world which, when combined together, enable an organization to become ‘digital-first’. We define ‘digital-first’ as that which benefits from:

  • An agile approach to building software which aligns development and operations
  • A deployment architecture based around containers and microservices
  • A rich, comprehensive, and scalable infrastructure platform, as exemplified by the public cloud.

DevOps orchestration in a Cloud-Native world helps enterprises to:

  • Compete head-to-head with digital-native startups who have adopted the above pillars by default
  • Deliver on long-standing enterprise goals of modular software delivery, in terms of both process and architecture
  • Gain the operational benefits of standardizing on a single deployment infrastructure target, through automated deployment and simpler management.

No one-size fits all, and organizations can be at different stages of digital-first. In this primer, we consider the rationale for adopting DevOps orchestration in a Cloud-Native world, including container-based infrastructures and microservices as a DevOps deployment target, development and operations workflows, the implications of Kubernetes as a target, and the state of the evolving ecosystem in this exciting area.

Key findings:

  • What is needed to deliver on the potential for DevOps orchestration in a Cloud-Native world?
  • What are the implications for DevOps in particular, and business value delivery in general?
  • What tooling and infrastructure are required in response?

The vendors have been selected based on their ability to support deployment into a Kubernetes-based microservices environment. While many offer this capability, they can be further categorized based on how well they support the DevOps process and operational management.

Excerpt on Weaveworks

Weaveworks is one of a subset of providers that exclusively focuses on Kubernetes as an orchestration approach. The company spotlights improving the pipeline elements of the developer experience, helping with platforms that can enable best practice on operating Kubernetes and cloud-native platforms.

In terms of capabilities, Weaveworks offers the Weave Cloud automation and management platform enabling deployment to a Kubernetes target environment together with Prometheus for application performance monitoring, both delivered as a fully-managed SaaS. While the company offers an enterprise Kubernetes subscription, Weave Cloud can be used to deploy to other Kubernetes distribution such as Open Shift.

In terms of enterprise adoption, the company’s focus is on accelerating cloud native approaches for organizations that want to develop applications more rapidly but with reliability, benefiting from Kubernetes’ ability to scale. Products and services are oriented towards operators on the infrastructure side, focusing on how to integrate monitoring of container-based platforms with existing monitoring and management capabilities. With regard to developers, the company advocates a GitOps approach, that is, using the version control system Git as a ‘source of truth’ for Kubernetes configuration information."

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