Today’s enterprises are tasked with building and deploying modern applications more quickly than ever before. As they embrace cloud native technologies like containers and Kubernetes for managing their applications, they leverage purpose-built platforms designed for efficiency and security.

We’ve teamed up with our security partner Twistlock to show you how you can increase reliability and velocity through implementing a GitOps model while keeping an eye on vulnerabilities and compliance through DevSecOps best practices.

Join our upcoming webinar on September 25th @ 10am PT / 6pm BST +1 where Keith Mokris (Product Marketing Manager, Twistlock) and Stefan Prodan (Developer Experience Engineer, Weaveworks) will show you how to:

  • Integrate security scanning at the build, either alerting or enforcing based on granular vulnerability and compliance policies.
  • Secure running environments with Runtime defense in depth.
  • Create manual or automatic deployments of code as fast as your team can produce it.
  • Create a complete audit trail for live cluster updates and versioning to achieve SOC 2 compliance at no additional cost.
  • Gain observability into your production environments with workload dashboards and customizable Prometheus alerting.

For a chance to win a pair of Weaveworks and Twistlock socks, including stickers and pin-badges:

  1. Register and attend this webinar
  2. Tweet about the webinar using a custom hashtag shared during the webinar
  3. You'll be entered into the raffle to win and notified the next day if you’re a winner