Dynamic Developers and Dazzling Demos at DockerCon

By Cezzaine Zaher
June 11, 2018

As DockerCon kicks off this week, we have an action-packed week of demo’s and dazzling conversations at the Weaveworks booth, and we’re hosting two evening meetups in collaboration with Bitnami and Pivotal too. Read on to learn more!

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It’s going to be an epic, jam-packed week in San Francisco when DockerCon opens its doors to 6000+ attendees for a week of keynotes, sessions, demos, thought-provoking conversations, new found friendships and more!

Visit the Weaveworks booth!

Visit us at the Weaveworks booth (#B2) to chat to our team about containers, Kubernetes, GitOps and Prometheus. We’ll show you around Weave Cloud - our management and operations platform that minimizes the complexity of running workloads in Kubernetes clusters by providing automated continuous delivery pipelines, observability and monitoring.

If you are just getting started with Kubernetes or have question on architecture, onboarding or operations, Weaveworks also offers Production Grade Kubernetes Support and Consulting. Our approach uses developer-centric tooling (#gitops) and a tested approach to help you install, set-up, operate and upgrade Kubernetes.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to talk to you. Book a meeting with us or visit us at the booth.

GitOps for the Kubernetes Developer: OpenFaas, Helm, and Istio

In collaboration with Pivotal, we invite you to join us on June 12th at 7pm for an evening of short talks, food/drinks and discussions of what GitOps is (if you’re new to it) and how it works with some of the key cloud native applications: Helm, OpenFaaS and Istio.

June12thmeetup (1).png

Talks include:

OpenFaaS Cloud: when GitOps met Serverless Functions:

Alex Ellis (VMware) and Stefan Prodan (Weaveworks)

OpenFaaS Cloud is a new project built by the community on top of OpenFaaS which offers a native GitHub integration bringing users GitOps to functions. Just push code and get endpoints with HTTPS and your own subdomain.

Cloud functions can be convenient, but being locked into one platform has its drawbacks. OpenFaaS Makes Serverless Functions Simple with Docker or Kubernetes. The project is growing in popularity amongst developers with a number of real-world use-cases, over 100 contributors and 12k GitHub stars.

GitOps and Helm:

Stefan Prodan (Weaveworks) will talk about how to optimize Helm through a GitOps approach.

GitOps and Istio:

- Zack Butcher (most recently at Google) will give an overview of Istio and top 3 things you need to know about 0.8.
- Stefan Prodan (Weaveworks) will demo an example of applying GitOps to Istio.

Register to save your seat

Developing with Kubernetes: Seamless Dev Environments and GitOps

Bitnami and Weaveworks invite you to join us on June 14th at 6:30pm for an evening of networking, talks, food and beer during DockerCon. This meetup is open to all DockerCon attendees but spaces are limited so RSVP to avoid disappointment.

june14thmeetup (1).jpg

Talk1: Seamless Development Environments on Kubernetes using Telepresence

Speaker: Adnan Abdulhussein, Bitnami

When developing API extensions or services that deeply integrate with Kubernetes, you may find yourself juggling kubeconfig contexts or iterating through a slow build-push-deploy cycle. Telepresence allows you to develop services locally as if they were running in your cluster. It does this by proxying pods to your local machine and gives your local services seamless access to service discovery and volumes. With Telepresence, you no longer have to maintain Docker Compose files for local orchestration, and you can take full advantage of Kubernetes features such as Ingress, Secrets/ConfigMaps, RBAC and more.

In this demo-led session, we’ll take a look at how Telepresence works, the different ways you can use it and how it makes iteratively developing on Kubernetes a breeze.

Talk 2: Best Practices for Using Developer Tooling to Drive Operations with GitOps

Speaker: Ilya Dmitrichenko, Weaveworks

More and more businesses are requiring developers to own end-to-end delivery, including operational ownership. In this talk, Ilya will take you on a journey of discovery into the world of GitOps. He will share with you what it means, and how easy it is to create cloud native applications, CICD pipelines, integrate operations and more, using GitOps.

Inherited from best practices going back 10-15 years, cloud native is making these practices more relevant today. At Weaveworks, their experiences are based on operating a full CNCF stack in anger for more than two years. This includes continuously updated Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio, OpenTracing, and more. Ilya will showcase best practices and tools, including some of Weaveworks’ use cases.

See you there!

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