Today we are announcing a new open source command-line tool, eksctl, for creating and managing clusters in EKS.

Inspired by kubectl, Amazon and Weaveworks have been collaborating closely over the past few weeks to bring you the same ease of use and simplicity to cluster creation on EKS. 

Start creating an EKS cluster in minutes with a single command: 

$ eksctl create cluster 

eksctl is written in Go and based on EKS CloudFormation templates. It is designed to interact well with other Kubernetes operating tools such as kops, kubicorn and kubeadm

And with that - download it on Github and try it today.

Ilya, DX engineer, early contributor to Kubernetes and  CNCF ambassador, has been collaborating with Chris Hein, Partner Solution Architect at AWS on the eksctl over the past weeks. 

If you want to see more of the work that Ilya does, tune in every Thursday for Developing with Kubernetes: Office Hours with Ilya Dmitrichenko, a 30 minute open conversation about Kubernetes best practices and toolkits.