Exploring Flux CD In-Depth

By Heba Eid
July 20, 2023

Flux CD is GitOps continuous delivery tool that has seen exponential growth over the years. Explore all that Flux CD has to offer and learn more about the recent GA of Flux v2 in this blog.

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Flux's journey from an internal Weaveworks project to a CNCF Sandbox project in 2019 and later a Graduated-Status project in 2022 has been remarkable. Its exponential growth and adoption by the community have been phenomenal, with its user base witnessing a 2x to 5x annual increase and an impressive record of over 1 billion container image pulls in 2022 alone. This impressive trajectory has made Flux a preferred choice for numerous enterprise companies, including industry giants like SAP, Volvo Cars, and Axel Springer.

Today we are excited to celebrate the general availability of Flux v2. This means Flux APIs are now considered stable and can be used confidently in production environments. They offer backward compatibility, ensuring that existing implementations will continue functioning as expected. Flux encompasses various APIs, but not all have attained GA status yet.

Flux v2.0.0 also adds horizontal scaling and sharding capabilities to Flux controllers. The Git bootstrap capabilities provided by the Flux CLI and by Flux Terraform Provider are now considered stable and production ready. For more details, please visit the latest blog post on fluxcd.io.

Flux CD’s capabilities encompass a wide range of cutting-edge features, empowering teams to deploy applications reliably through Progressive Delivery across multiple clusters and cloud environments. It ensures secure collaboration with isolating multi-tenancy, while bolstering enterprise-grade security through policy as code integration. Native support for Kustomize, Helm, and HashiCorp Vault further enhances its versatility and appeal.

Why Flux?

Flux, having achieved graduation within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, stands as a trusted GitOps tool embraced by prominent companies like Microsoft, AWS, GitLab, D2iQ, and others for delivering GitOps solutions to their customers. Its General Availability (GA) seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes Workload Identity for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling passwordless authentication to OCI sources such as container images, OCI artifacts, and Helm charts.

Flux enables streamlined GitOps continuous delivery for Kubernetes clusters, automating the synchronization between your Git repository and cluster state. By maintaining a single source of truth in the Git repository, Flux ensures consistent and auditable cluster configurations. Its reliability, canary deployments, and rollback capabilities make it a preferred choice for enterprise companies seeking efficient, secure, and scalable Kubernetes management, while its seamless integration into key Kubernetes ecosystems enhances its appeal as a powerful and versatile tool for modern software delivery.

"At ORTEC for Communications, Flux has been an essential part of our DevOps journey and the ability to do more with less. Together with Kubernetes ecosystem tools, Flux is an essential part of providing our teams with end-to-end ownership, autonomy, and an evolved lifecycle. All of these offerings through Flux's capabilities, such as automation, security, and scalability, make DevOps a reality. We congratulate the Flux project for this major milestone!." - Mathijs Hoogland, Senior DevOps Engineer, ORTEC for Communications

Webinar: Capabilities, Confidence and Community: What Flux GA Means for You

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Flux CD - What You Need to Know

Introducing our new and comprehensive "What is Flux CD" technology page, crafted to provide you with a deep dive into everything related to Flux CD. Whether you're new to the world of continuous delivery or a seasoned professional, this resource-filled page is your gateway to understanding the core essence of GitOps continuous delivery through Flux CD.

We start off with a clear and concise explanation of what it is and why it's a game-changer for modern software delivery practices. From there, we delve into the inner workings of Flux CD, exploring the reconciliation aspect that bridges the gap between your Kubernetes cluster and Git repository.

But that's not all - our technology page goes beyond the basics to explore the expansive Flux CD ecosystem. Discover the rich array of tools, integrations, and features that Flux CD offers, empowering you to optimize your CI/CD pipelines, enhance security measures, and establish robust audit trails.

It answers the basic questions such as:

  1. What is Flux?
  2. Flux Features & Capabilities
  3. How Does Flux work?
  4. How to Install Flux?
  5. Flux: GitOps Toolkit Components
  6. What you need to build a GitOps Pipeline with Flux
  7. Flux Ecosystem
  8. Scaling Flux with Weave GitOps

Unlock the true potential of GitOps for your organization with Flux and Weave GitOps solutions (built on Flux). Let our "What is Flux CD" technology page be your source of truth on everything you need to know about cloud-native software delivery.

Join our live webinar, August 2nd at 9am PT as we delve into the new features of Flux, what's to come on the roadmap, and how many enterprises today are taking advantage of the added capabilities and extensions that enhance Flux within many use cases. Sign up for free >

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Build a seamless GitOps pipeline with Flux CD

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