Today we’re announcing the release of Weave Flux 1.1, our open source continuous deployment tool for Kubernetes and foundation for Weave Cloud’s Deploy functionality.

With the Flux 1.1 release, Weave Cloud users gain the capability to automate updates to DaemonSets, StatefulSets and CronJobs in addition to Deployments. Please see the release notes for information about changes to the command line.

With this new functionality it is now possible to automate releases of application components in most of your infrastructure.

To benefit from the new features, simply re-apply the agent configuration specified in your account settings.

Why did we build it?

Flux is one of the tools we’ve developed to implement the methodology we describe in our blog “The GitOps Pipeline”. The GitOps pipeline model places Git at the design centre - everything upstream of deployment is anchored by Git. As a result a developer can update some code in GitHub and release into production as a pull request.


Flux does exactly that, it operates on application configuration (Kubernetes manifests), stored in version control - namely a Git repository. It observes the container image registry, looking for new container image tags, modifies configuration files to update the version, and synchronizes any changes, made to the files in git, with the cluster.

Configuration is code

First, configuration is stored in an independent, external, versioned source of truth. Your cluster is not its own source of truth! Storing cluster and application configuration in version control means it’s possible to audit and validate configuration, using developer-friendly workflows like pull requests and reviews.

Security first

Second, it operates on the cluster, from within the cluster. This is important because it does not increase the potential attack surface - unlike solutions that require a set of credentials to be supplied to an external service and exposed cluster endpoint.

Automated, reliable deployments ensure you and your team spend your time hacking creating business value. Flux should be a big part of that story, give it a try in Weave Cloud: Deploy, today!

Haven't signed up for a free trial but want to see our Deploy functionality in action - consider an interactive lab:  Deploy: Continuous Delivery with Weave Flux