Do you want to build, deploy and manage apps faster and more reliably on Kubernetes? Then we’ve got a great holiday season present for you -  starting today Weave Cloud has a free tier  available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We've partnered with the Google team to create a simple set-up process that makes it easy to experience the power of Kubernetes (GKE) with Weave Cloud’s management capabilities. If you're exploring Kubernetes and want a completely integrated CI/CD pipeline with observability and monitoring then this gives you everything you need. 

And, in the spirit of the season - because you’ve been extra good this year - we’ve created a free allowance so you can get started for free!


Development teams use Weave Cloud with Kubernetes to accelerate their velocity and throughput. That means they speed up the feedback cycle by using our Continuous Deployment (CD) to move to multiple deployments a day. And, fix production issues 60% faster by using Weave Cloud’s observability capabilities to increase reliability.

To achieve these gains we need a completely automated pipeline that includes:

  • Set-up, manage and maintain a Kubernetes cluster
  • Create a containerized CI pipeline for each microservice
  • Add Continuous Deployment (CD) into the pipeline
  • Instrument with observability and dashboards to manage applications at scale
  • Add metrics monitoring and alerting for application performance and reliability

That’s a lot of work, particularly when you just want to get on with creating great apps and getting them into production! That's why we’ve partnered with the Google team to make the whole process easier, faster and better.


Google’s GKE is the base Kubernetes platform, it’s fully managed and makes it easy to set-up new clusters. You can use Google's platform for source code hosting, CI automation and container building. Weave Cloud’s deployment automation makes it easy to roll out new application versions, upgrade, roll back and audit what's running in the cluster. We also add default metrics and dashboards so you can see how your application and cluster are performing.

The final result: every step is automated, from code commit through to deploying the code into the cluster. We call this way of operating application GitOps (read more about operations by pull request).

When you sign-up, we’ll give you an extra bonus - a free allowance every month! Each month we’ll give you one nodes worth of free time that you can use to run a small cluster and explore Kubernetes - don’t forget to shut the cluster down when you’re finished to get the maximum amount of time! For more information see the FAQ.

If you’d like to get started building and managing applications easily on Kubernetes then sign-up to learn more at Weave Cloud on GCP.