Gearing up for all things GitOps at KubeCon

October 25, 2018

As the year winds down, we’re gearing up for a great KubeCon in Seattle. See what talks, demos and other activities we have lined up for the week.

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As most people wind down for the year-end festivities such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the software technology industry is gearing up for one of the most popular and relevant events in the container and microservices industry – KubeCon of course!

This year the event runs from 10-13 December in Seattle. If you’re not familiar with KubeCon, the two-day event brings together thousands of Kubernetes technologists to hear from leaders in the cloud native community, share best practices, and demo new software.

Hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the event is co-located with CloudNativeCon.

As a key contributor to Kubernetes and the CNCF, here’s what you can expect from us at the event:

Weaveworks Sessions and Demos

Monday, Dec 10th:

Tuesday, Dec 11th:

Wednesday, Dec 12th:

Thursday, Dec 13th:

Visit our booth and meet the team

You can find us at booth #S15 where we’ll be showcasing Weave Cloud, our automation and management platform. Learn about GitOps for Kubernetes and how you can benefit from implementing this workflow model within your organization.

KubeCon Team Photo.jpg

We’ve been working hard with the community and our partners to make Kubernetes easier for users. We led the initial creation of Kubeadm (a tool for bootstrapping a best-practice Kubernetes cluster easily), and eksctl (a command-line tool for creating and managing clusters in EKS). We also have an active involvement in the SIG Cluster Lifecycle and Kubernetes Community Office-Hours. Members of our Developer Experience team, Ilya Dmitrichenko (who is also a CNCF Ambassador) will be at KubeCon, so please come and say “hi”.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with our exec team to have a more tailored conversation about how we can help you with your Kubernetes journey, including a hands-on demo, then please reach out to us at

Kubernetes Training

We’re running a full-day hands-on workshop at KubeCon - Your Path to Production Ready Kubernetes. Unfortunately it’s already sold out but we’re keen to run more workshops next year across the US and Europe. If you’re interested in attending, please register your interest.

Sock swagger

Spruce up your sock drawer with our very stylish socks. Simply visit the booth and have a chat with our team. Who knows, you may even see our socks come to life ;-)


And if you didn’t know, we’re actually mad about socks…our microservices demo application, The Sock Shop, is a great tool to use for testing, QA and evaluating processing for deploying to various container platforms like AWS ECS/EKS, GKE and Kubernetes. It’s available on GitHub for you to use too!

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