GitOps Days is back this year on June 9-10, 2021!


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Based on the overwhelming response to our two events last year, GitOps Days returns packed with visionary and educational talks from GitOps practitioners and thought leaders. Featuring virtual keynotes and presentations covering use cases, customer stories, and deep dives into the latest GitOps tools and technologies.

Join these fabulous speakers:

  • Katie Gamanji (CNCF) - Keynote: Level Unlocked: GitOps to the Edge and Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Justin Cormack (Docker) - Keynote: GitOps: The Next Five Years
  • Lei “Harry” Zhang (Alibaba Cloud) - Keynote: Building Web-Scale Internal Developer Platform in Alibaba
  • Mae Large & Russ Parmer (State Farm): From Wild West to Flux Multi-Tenancy
  • Dan “Pop” Papandrea (Sysdig): GitOps and Runtime Security - Your Cookies Need a New Recipe
  • Viktor Farcic (Codefresh): How To Apply GitOps On Infrastructure (For Real)
  • Samiya Akhtar (Microsoft): Visualizing the GitOps Journey of a Container
  • Cansu Kavili Ornek & Donal Spring (Red Hat): GitOpsify All The Things  - Tools, Apps, Even Your Organization and Teams!
  • Saiyam Pathak (Civo): GitOps at Scale Using Fleet
  • Jason Morgan (Buoyant): Handling Dependencies with Flux
  • Jurgen Etzlstorfer (Dynatrace): Orchestrating SLO-driven Multi-stage Delivery with Keptn: Merging GitOps and Data-driven Delivery
  • Cornelia Davis (Weaveworks)
  • And more...

GitOps Days will show the growth and validation of GitOps as a practice, so we’re excited to feature members of the CNCF GitOps Working Group talking about the developing definitions and standards for GitOps. We’re also excited to have two keynote speakers who are CNCF Technical Oversight Committee members as well as a CNCF Ecosystem Advocate. They’ll share their view of the Cloud Native landscape, ecosystem, and future that GitOps brings to the space.

Whether you’re new to GitOps, or want to take your GitOps knowledge to the next level, join us at

Day 1 (Wednesday, June 9) will focus on introductory talks, the business value and benefits that GitOps provides, case studies, and visionary keynotes to help you bring GitOps to your organization successfully.

On Day 2 (Thursday, June 10) we’ll nerd out and dive deeper into the many technologies that enable GitOps.

Register at and bookmark your calendar so that you don’t miss this event!