After an overwhelming response to our inaugural virtual event in May this year (see a quick recap here if you missed it), we are bringing our GitOps EMEA community together for GitOps Days EMEA on November 12-13, 2020. Register now at to view the event agenda, see our great speaker line- up as well as receive viewing information and early access to the videos post event.

Day 1 of GitOps Days EMEA focuses on introductory talks, business benefits, case studies, and visionary keynotes that allow you to bring GitOps to your business successfully. We will end the day with an unconference, please email with your 10-min lightning talk idea.

Day 2 includes technical talks and workshops on a range of topics: how to get started, introducing role based access control (RBAC), how to deploy across multiple environments, Flux 1 deprecation, Helm 2 deprecation, and more.

Here are some highlights from our agenda:

  • What is GitOps and how to get started: introductory talks and technical workshops for people who are new to GitOps
  • The Business value of GitOps and GitOps Patterns: overview on the benefits of GitOps for your business and a checklist as you advance on your journey to more powerful GitOps capabilities
  • GitOps for Security, Compliance, and Governance: experienced speakers will share their GitOps approaches and use cases to improve security 
  • GitOps for Helm, Data Science, and MLOps and more: talks on various focus areas and how they are improved by leveraging GitOps
  • Flux v2 and Helm Controller: talks and workshops to get you up to speed with the new Flux v2 and migrating from the Helm Operator to the Helm Controller

GitOps Days EMEA is packed with visionary and educational talks from GitOps practitioners and thought leaders. We’re excited to have these outstanding speakers:

  • Kishore Goduguluri (Fidelity Investments)
  • Ivan Pedrazas (Control Plane)
  • Somtochi Onyekwere (Google Summer of Code)
  • Kenichi Shibata (Independant)
  • David McKay (Equinix Metal)
  • Scott Rigby (Weaveworks)
  • Letania Ferreira (Rollbar)
  • Paul Fremantle (Weaveworks)
  • Matt Jarvis (Snyk)
  • Cornelia Davis (Weaveworks)

... and many more!

Don’t miss GitOps Days EMEA, register now at

Whether you’re new to GitOps or on your journey to implement the principles of GitOps in your organization, we are excited to share both the business and technical benefits of GitOps to your organization. Our experienced speakers will share their stories, use cases, approaches, and best practices.

Please email if you have any requests or questions. This conference is for you, so please tell us how we can help.

We can’t wait to see you!