Whether you’re new to embarking on your GitOps journey, or enjoying the benefits that GitOps has to offer but are looking for more advanced information, now’s your chance to ask our GitOps experts in an upcoming GitOps-focused live Q&A.

Git Your GitOps Questions Answered
April 28, 10am PT

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As the pioneers of GitOps, Weaveworks has been implementing GitOps best practices for many years both internally for our own systems, but also for global Enterprise customers.


Since Alexis first described the GitOps pattern, there has been a huge adoption across the cloud-native industry.

It’s no secret that GitOps boosts business performance by giving you benefits such as:

  • Stronger security guarantees for optimal guardrails
  • Increased speed and productivity
  • Reduced mean time to recovery
  • Improved stability and reliability for greater availability
  • Easier compliance and auditing

Furthermore, we recently announced that, Flux – the GitOps open-source tool which we created and donated to the CNCF – was promoted to incubation status. This is testament to the dedication of a community that deeply believes in GitOps principles as the way to operate your applications and infrastructure, and scale more efficiently. Organizations like Mettle, Axel Springer and Global Freight Solutions are enjoying the benefits of GitOps.

How can we help you go further?

Whether you’re just beginning your GitOps journey or you’re already using GitOps practices in production, there’s always room to learn more.

If you could ask an experienced GitOps practitioner anything, what would it be?

Some examples include:

  • How do you use GitOps with Kubernetes Secrets?
  • For a hybrid / multi-cloud setup, how can we use GitOps for managing multiple clusters?
  • If I want the same app running in different namespaces should I have different repos?

Join us April 28, 10am | 6pm GMT+1 | 1pm EST for an informal virtual coffee chat with two of our GitOps experts, Mahmoud Saada and James McLeod. They are our resident Customer Reliability Engineers working on GitOps solutions for many of our customers.

They will be answering your questions live but we also encourage you to submit your questions when registering so that there is more chance to have it answered on the day.

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