You may have seen the term “GitOps” and wondered what’s it’s all about? GitOps is a way to do Continuous Delivery. It works by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. Take a look at our “GitOps - What you need to know” page, a new comprehensive resource that describes the principles and patterns of GitOps workflows and how you can implement them to run Kubernetes in production and at scale.

We also cover the benefits of using GitOps workflows, and we deep dive into some of the differences between GitOps and the tools known as Infrastructure as Code (IAC). We’ll show you how IAC tools can be used in your GitOps workflows and finally we describe how you can achieve maximum deployment velocity with Weave Cloud in your own development team.  

Take a look to learn about the following:

  • What is GitOps?
  • GitOps is Continuous Delivery meets Cloud Native
  • Git enables infrastructure as code (IAC) tools
  • Continuous Delivery and GitOps Workflows in Weave Cloud
  • Push vs. Pull Pipeline
  • Benefits of GitOps

Read more on the GitOps - What you need to know page

Need help?

We can help you accelerate your Kubernetes journey with our subscription service that supports installing production-grade Kubernetes on-premise, in AWS and GCP from dev to production. For the past 3 years, Kubernetes has been powering Weave Cloud, our operations as a service offering, so we’re taking our knowledge and helping teams embrace the benefits of cloud native tooling. We've focused on creating GitOps workflows - our approach uses developer-centric tooling (e.g. git) and a tested approach to help you install, set-up, operate and upgrade Kubernetes. Contact us for more details.

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