KubeCon is only three week’s away. We're really excited to be participating in this year’s show held in sunny San Diego. As founding members of the CNCF, and top Kubernetes contributors, Weaveworks has a full line up of informative talks, a sold-out hands-on workshop, and great booth demos as well as some cool swag to hand out. Look for the turquoise t-shirts and don’t be shy about saying hi to our international team of Weaveworkers!

What’s happening at the booth?

As the inventors of GitOps, you can expect to hear and see demonstrations on how GitOps helps your company manage and build applications on Kubernetes. With Git at the center of your operational model, application developers and cluster operators can easily spin up and manage production ready Kubernetes across different environments.

With your entire cluster configuration is stored in a Git repository, use GitOps to create clusters in a predictable and repeatable way. This brings advantages for building test environments and pipelines, and for reproducing clusters across teams with the same base configuration, or in improving your disaster recovery capability.

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Let us help you create a cloud native architecture managed with GitOps that fits your business needs. Book a meeting with our team at KubeCon to discuss your requirements.

Arriving in San Diego a day early?

Don’t miss Alexis Richardson, co-founder and CEO of Weaveworks keynote talk at AWS Container Days on Automating EKS with GitOps. This is a pre-show event organized by AWS that will be held on Monday, November 18th. In addition to Alexis Richardson, you’ll also hear from Bob Wise, GM of Amazon EKS, and Pratik Wadhur, VP of Product Development discussing GitOps in practice.  

In the afternoon sessions of AWS Container Days Stefan Prodan will speak on Progressive Delivery with App Mesh and EKS. 


ServiceMeshCon is another pre-show event on November 18th. Paul Curtis, Solution Architect will deliver the following talk:  

Must see KubeCon talks and panel discussions

The Weaveworks team will be participating in the following talks:

Live booth demos

We’ll be showcasing the following new Kubernetes tools and products at our booth (#S51):

Weave Kubernetes Platform and the GitOps Policy Manager

The Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP) implements GitOps to manage Kubernetes configuration. Teams can define a standard installation of Kubernetes and automate the deployment of new nodes with predefined cluster templates all kept in Git. These let developers and operators add cluster components, and update them with security patches, minimizing the time spent editing error prone YAML.

WKSctl - A new OSS Kubernetes Manager using GitOps

Earlier this month we released WKSctl, an open-source tool to install and manage Kubernetes. WKSctl provides a new way to manage application clusters based on GitOps and leverages recent work in Kubernetes, such as the Cluster API. We believe Kubernetes will be table stakes for most applications moving forward and therefore we created WKSctl and WKP. These tools help those that are new to Kubernetes to grow from developers experimenting to production-grade environments with minimal retooling.

Firekube - Fast and secure Kubernetes clusters

Weave Firekube is a new open source Kubernetes distribution that enables secure clouds anywhere. Firekube uses Weave Ignite to run Kubernetes on Firecracker. It pulls everything from Git and boots up a secure cluster in 2.5 minutes.

Automate EKS Cluster Configuration with GitOps and Eksctl

More news this month, you can now use EKSctl, the official CLI for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), to launch EKS clusters with a set of GitOps-managed applications and run production ready workloads in minutes. This makes it easy for new users to get started running Kubernetes on AWS and for developers and to launch standard clusters for their organizations.

Still learning about GitOps? 

Stay tuned for details on a special hands-on GitOps event that we’re running at the booth. 

See you at KubeCon

Stop by booth #S51 and pickup some cool swag and ask us for a demo of the Weave Kubernetes Platform or schedule a meeting with us to discuss your requirements.