October is over and so is Hacktoberfest. We at Weaveworks loved it - big kudos to Twilio, Digital Ocean and GitHub for organizing this!

All of our engineers at Weaveworks (and almost everyone else) has a background in Open Source.  We realise how important it is, not only in our mission, but also in the bigger picture. That’s why it’s also clear to us that getting the next generation of Open Source developers on track and giving them a heartfelt welcome to the community is so important.

A month ago we announced that Weave Scope and Flux had prepared for Hacktober and just a few days later eksctl and Weave Net followed suit.

2018 was a great year in terms of growing the community. We’re very pleased with the feedback and contributions we received:

  • We saw 153 PRs across all our Open Source repos in October.
  • 76 of these were from non-Weaveworks folks.
  • Number of landed PRs from first timers: 29 (28 people, Bhavin192 contributed to Flux and Scope).

As a lot of the contributors are just getting started on their journey, quite a few of the PRs that came in were simple fixes, but that’s more or less how we all started. Even if it’s just a typo fix, it will give the project a more polished feel - it makes a difference.

All in all we are very grateful that you care and we want to give you the best experience possible joining the wider Open Source world.

Some of the contributions were not trivial and I would like to highlight just a few:

Great work everyone! Your initiative and dedication is much appreciated!

It was particularly nice to see the back-and-forth between the developers. This message from gotjosh was particularly uplifting:

Hey all 👋,
First of all, thank you for making such a great project! Found it via Hacktoberfest and immediately jumped into the bandwagon for helping out. Love the current organisation/labelling of the issues. Super helpful for us newcomers.
Figured I should get this PR out sooner rather than later to start getting some feedback. [...]

At Weaveworks we wish everyone all the best on their further foray into Open Source and we’re looking looking forward to seeing you online. Join us in any of our projects.