Open Source is in our DNA since we started over five years ago. Almost everyone in our team has a long history of being involved in Open Source, and we are best known for our projects that many people build their business on, like Cortex, Flux, Weave Net, Scope, Flagger, Footloose, Ignite, eksctl and many more.

For us, open source makes sense for a lot of reasons:

  • Code and ideas can be validated more easily
  • Create a greater impact with a global team of contributors
  • It’s easier to build an ecosystem around projects
  • It’s the most accessible way to software

Weaveworks is proud to be recognised as one of the top contributors to Kubernetes. Furthermore, two of our projects, Cortex and Flux, recently joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

It’s now more common for organizations to use and contribute to Open Source, and for new contributors, this is a great way to learn and put your brick into the wall of the wider software ecosystem.

Weaveworks is keen to help a new generation of Open Source contributors that are just getting started. Hacktoberfest is a fun way to make your first forays into contributing code and to join a community. Thanks to Digital Ocean, and Github, all you need to do is sign up and propose 5 pull requests to issues which were marked as “hacktoberfest”.


We also participated last year, and it was a great success - we had many PRs during October and quite a few implemented some great new features. When we announced our participation, it was only Flux and Scope, but that quickly changed, and a couple of other projects joined as well. There’s a good chance this will happen again this year!

Our engineers have put together a list of issues you might be interested in working on:

We are looking forward to working with you on a couple of PRs. You can reach us on our Slack (#general channel) if you have any questions!

Happy hacking!

Update: We have added wksctl and wks-quickstart-firekube issues for Hacktoberfest as well now!