Time for a throwback post to a couple of Tuesdays ago when we were able to say Hola and Buenos Dias to 7,700 attendees at KubeCon EU 2019 in Barcelona!

As usual we kicked off the week on Monday with a sold out Weaveworks’ hosted workshop “Your path to production ready Kubernetes”. Our workshops start off with a description of what it means to be production ready. The class walks through a practical production ready checklist that can be used for their own Kubernetes implementations. The remainder of the day is spent deep diving into checklist items such as learning how to configure, manage and observe and monitor a production ready application running in Kubernetes. If you are interested in joining us for a full day of training and hands on exercises, sign up here.

In parallel our engineers were able to speak and participate at co-located events such as the Cloud Native Storage Day and the Cloud Native Transformation Day hosted by Sysdig where Bryan introduced the idea of Automating Kubernetes with GitOps (watch the recording).

Stefan Prodan introduced Progressive Delivery for AWS App Mesh with Flagger (read a previous blog post and see a demo) at the Container Day hosted by AWS which we wrapped up together with a fun Birds of a Feather event discussing topics such as eksctl (the recommended CLI tool for EKS), security and much more.

Be a Kube(rnetes) record breaker!

Once Tuesday morning came, the expo floor opened. The sponsor showcase is always one of the fun and interesting parts of any conference as you can find booths for sponsors all the way from small startups to major cloud players.

Weaveworks had a great booth presence with a non stop stream of visitors resulting in many great conversations discussing the Weaveworks Kubernetes Platform, our operating and management tool Weave Cloud, GitOps best practices as well as the services and approaches we are offering to accelerate adopting Kubernetes for enterprises. Our Kubernetes Quick Start package might just be what you are looking for.

We don’t want you to be stuck on Kube(rnetes) but rather be a record breaker like Andrew:

And here is a quick overview on all keynotes and talks we participated in over the week:

Panel Discussion: GitOps & Best Practices for Cloud Native CI/CD

You don’t want to miss this session that was delivered to over 1,600 people at Kubecon about the evolution and benefits of GitOps. Allison Richardet (Asteris, LLC), Laura Tacho (CloudBees), Ivan Pedrazas (State Street), Tracy Miranda (CloudBees) and Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks) as they provide insights into GitOps, best practices for CI/CD for cloud native and tooling that can help automate these practices. It also features end user stories of their experiences learning the best ways to setup CI/CD for their specific applications and needs.

Getting Started in the Kubernetes Community

Another huge crowd favorite was the keynote by Lucas Kaldstrom and Nikhita Raghunath. Both students share their long and short experience in contributing to the Kubernetes community and why they’re still active in the community today. Maybe it sparks ideas and reason why you should become involved as well!

Democratizing Service Mesh on Kubernetes

This exciting keynote delivered by Gabe Monroy, Microsoft & CNCF Board Member gives an introduction to the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) an open project started in partnership with Microsoft, Buoyant, HashiCorp, Solo, F5, Red Hat, and Weaveworks. Read more on our blog on how we added support in Flagger to support the SMI API - automated advanced deployments for everybody, yay!

Cortex - Intro & Deep Dive

Bryan Boreham, Weaveworks and Tom Wilkie, Grafana Labs gave an intro and deep dive session on the CNCF sandbox project Cortex. Cortex provides horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant, long term storage for Prometheus metrics, and a horizontally scalable, Prometheus-compatible query API. Dig in and hopefully we see you soon as a contributor!

And with that we say Adios and hopefully see you in San Diego later this year!

🚨New #RubiksCube record breaker🚨 Andrew from @linode solved our cube in 2 minutes 35 seconds! pic.twitter.com/C41owXDwjy

— Weaveworks (@weaveworks) May 23, 2019