GitOps is now an established industry trend, and has even been declared as the “next big thing for DevOps” because of its strong connection. While DevOps doesn’t have a concrete set of practices, GitOps does provide a concrete way of doing DevOps.

Throughout the past six years, DevOps Research and Assessment group (DORA) pulled together data drawn from over 31,000 worldwide technology professionals. It charts the performance of engineering teams across the world against four key metrics.

These metrics, referred to by DORA as measures of Software Delivery and Operational (SDO) performance, include frequent deployments, shorter lead time, mean time to recover, and change failure rate.

And there is a direct correlation between these metrics and GitOps patterns.


According to Cornelia Davis, CTO at Weaveworks, “GitOps enables self-service for development teams because at the platform layer you can have developers request the resources they need, provide them in a way that is configured, secure and compliant, and have the ability to roll something back if something goes wrong.”

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