Using container technologies, such as Docker, can be tricky to configure for large scale deployments. But with Kontena scaling and monitoring containerized applications on any cloud infrastructure is very easy to deploy and manage.

The folks at Kotena have written a blog post demonstrating how Weave Net provides portability across different cloud providers as well as bare-metal servers.  The post also shows how they’ve incorporated the newly released, Weave Run, which implements gossip DNS, and is a major new feature of the 1.1 release of Weave.

The Weaveworks & Kontena teams have been working very closely and we are delighted to share Jari Kolehmainen‘s post about how Kontena uses Weave.

One of the coolest things about Weave Net is how it exposes network fabric to containers. With Weave, developers don’t need to take infrastructure details into account when deploying Kontena services to cloud or bare metal provider platforms. Another nice feature of Weave Net is the built-in encryption of all overlay network traffic.
Jari Kolehmainen, Kontena Inc