The Customer

The Qordoba Strings Intelligence Platform enables product teams to create compelling user experiences by managing all of the words in their products. Qordoba is the only machine-learning based solution which extracts text from strings in source code and makes every application’s words accessible and measurable across platforms, teams, channels, and technologies. Companies like Postmates, VISA and Marriott use Qordoba to rapidly optimize and release new copy across product, marketing and customer support. Qordoba's platform integrates with over 100 development and marketing technologies, seamlessly fitting into the developer stack and enabling agile strings management.

Qordoba manages over 2 billion words every day for customers including the NBA, GitHub, Sephora, and Conde Nast.


Optimize developer workflows and productivity

A convenience of using Google Cloud Platform’s managed Kubernetes service is that clusters and resources can be spun up whenever you need them. Qordoba takes advantage of these features and have several different clusters each with specific configurations. While creating on-demand clusters is fast, the process of updating and deploying new images to their clusters was time consuming.

Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) in Google is flexible, but Qordoba couldn’t easily specify the correct level of access and configuration control for their engineering teams which meant that the team had limited insight into what was running inside of the clusters.

Meet SOC 2 compliance requirements

Qordoba needed an audit trail to show who did what when. They were in the process of meeting these requirements with a set of custom scripts before they learned how Weave Cloud could easily solve their problem.

Download the case study to find how Qordoba went from 1 to 2 releases a week to 30 releases a day!

“I just got back from 9 days of vacation. I did not get called a single time for a deployment or cluster management issue. I cannot remember the last time this has happened in my career.” - James Robinson, Engineering Manager, Qordoba