Modern enterprises, such as Mettle by Natwest, a large financial institution in Europe, embrace DevOps methodologies to automate and streamline the integration and deployment processes in order to increase development speed and deployment reliability. Mettle was able to take the principles of GitOps and implement it in their organization, resulting in an increase in production speed by 50% and a mean time to recovery (MTTR) of 20 minutes for all of their clusters.


Watch this on-demand webinar with Mark Ramm, Director of Product Management and Steve Wade, Platform Lead at Mettle as they discuss the concepts of GitOps and then show how you can leverage it as a best practice to build and deliver a self-service Kubernetes platform for your engineering team.

Reduced lifecycle management for workloads and clusters

GitOps provides Mettle's engineering teams with the tools that they are already familiar with - namely Git. This not only increases internal adoption rates, but it also significantly decreases the learning curve.


The Mettle teams were also able to update and release new features 75% faster without them having to learn the intricate details of Kubernetes itself. It also enables a self-service model for their developers that reduces the overhead of lifecycle management for both workloads and clusters with minimal involvement from the Platform Team.

You’ll learn:

  • What DevOps success looks like and how you can achieve it
  • What an optimal developer experience look like
  • How to make operators successful at any scale and enable developer self service
  • How to simplify Kubernetes as an application platform with full observability
  • How to deploy apps with GitOps

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