Since Weaveworks originally coined the term “GitOps”, it’s quickly becoming more widely adopted and exhibited by many leading organizations and influencers in the technology industry today.

Alexis Richardson, CEO and Founder of Weaveworks, recently moderated a panel discussion, comprised of three expert industry practitioners, to discuss GitOps and how it fits with CICD practises today.

The panellists during the webinar were:

Alexis kicked off by giving a brief introduction of how GitOps is empowering developers to have an operating model for cloud native applications. Using open-source technologies like Terraform, Kubernetes, Weave Flux, Argo CD, JenkinsX all have one thing in common - you can describe the state you want your system to be in, and it should automatically converge to the desired state or it will notify you if there are any divergences. This means you can have a much more efficient way of deploying applications, managing your clusters and it also scales to areas like fleet management, multiple clusters, progressive delivery, canaries and feature flags.

Alexis and our panellists then discuss the following questions:

  • What problem did you have in your organization that GitOps solved, and how did it solve it?
  • Can you describe the technology stack you recommend using?
  • How well was GitOps accepted internally?
  • How does GitOps related to CI? Is it the same thing? Is it complementary?
  • What does the GitOps toolchain look like at CloudBees?
  • Can you talk about 2-3 GitOps use cases?
  • Can you describe GitOps and how it relates to past, present and future at CloudBees?
  • Is GitOps moving from early adopters to being more mainstream?
  • Should there be training for developers available for GitOps?
  • GitOps washing - who is claiming to do GitOps without knowing what it means? What are some common anti patterns?

View the panel discussion in its entirety, including some great questions which were asked during the Q&A.