Early in June when Amazon EKS was launched, we released the first alpha version of eksctl on the same day with the vision of making EKS cluster creation simple.

Today we are excited to announce the first major release of eksctl – 0.1.0.  A huge thanks to everyone who tried the alpha releases and especially to those who reported bugs and requested new features. 

Many of the reported bugs have been fixed by the eksctl contributors. Help us make eksctl even better by continuing to add your new feature requests and bug reports.   

All feedback received so far has been incorporated into our roadmap. Before we can get to the big new features, we are planning to work on technical improvements.  This will then allow us to proceed with some of the most requested features (e.g.: custom VPC configuration, nodegroup management). We hope to make progress on these improvements in 0.1.x patch releases, before reaching the 0.2.0 and 0.3.0 milestones.

As we use semantic versioning then 0.1.0 (and any 0.x.x version) should still be considered a development version and as such there may be breaking changes or bugs.

Jenkins X ♥ eksctl

We are also delighted to share that Jenkins X has been one of the first big projects to adopt eksctl! Here is what James Strachan, the Jenkins X project lead, said about eksctl:

“In the Jenkins X community, we are super happy with eksctl and use it with Jenkins X to create EKS clusters which has saved us a lot of time.  We used the time we saved trying to setup EKS clusters to improve Jenkins X support for other AWS services such Route53, NLB and ECR! :) Thankfully eksctl deals with all the IAM roles for us nicely too ;)
Having the correct IAM roles so that you can use NLB and ECR with Kubernetes is surprisingly complex.  eksctl automates that for you in one easy to type command. We love it! A big thanks to Ilya and the rest of the eksctl community who have been super helpful and responsive as we hit various issues in getting EKS setup in the correct way so we can use Jenkins X on it."
– James Strachan, Chief Architect at CloudBees (@jstrachan)

It is very exciting that popular projects such as Jenkins X are already using eksctl!

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank all of the eksctl contributors, especially – Richard Case, James Strachan, Chris Hein. - we couldn’t have made the release without you!

For more details on how eksctl can help you and to try it out for yourself go to eksctl.io