Our goal for Weave Cloud is to remove obstacles from getting applications into production. A team of developers should be able to easily deploy, manage, monitor, and connect microservices and container-based applications. Today we’re announcing new features for all users of Weave Cloud, and we’re also launching an Enterprise Edition tier.

The impetus for adding a new tier has been two types of conversations we’ve been having with larger teams. Those have been around:

  1. Enterprise deployments in the cloud
  2. On-site use of Weaveworks open source projects

Enterprise deployments

Enterprises are deploying critical applications based on the micro-services architecture using containers. For these types of systems, any performance issues or problems need to be responded to immediately. The new tier includes 24×7 support so customers can contact support immediately, whether by Slack, e-mail or phone. The second dimension we’ve noticed is that Prometheus monitoring with interactive visualization is incredibly important for monitoring and alerting. Many of our more advanced users have complex metrics where they want to maintain long-term data for analysis. With Weave Cloud, you can add unlimited metrics, and now with the Enterprise Edition tier storage of data is 1TB in total – enough for a bucket load of metrics!

On-premises support

Weave Cloud is built on firm open source foundations, in the form of Weave Net, Flux, Scope, and Cortex.  The Weaveworks team has seen many use cases that are addressed by combining these technologies: using Weave Net within their private networks to use cases that integrate the visualization and monitoring capabilities of Weave Cloud, into an existing enterprise stack. With the EE tier, we’re providing support for using Weave Cloud technologies on-premises for enterprise users.

The second part of the announcement covers some completely new features for all users of Weave Cloud. They are:

  • Release automation and point-in-time rollback for Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Explore advanced Kubernetes troubleshooting including resource-container mapping.
  • Monitoring, incident management with historical audit, instant query, and comprehensive dashboards.

Release Automation & Management

Automating the build and release of new developments is a key benefit of cloud-native development. With Weave Cloud’s automated deployment capabilities each release should be repeatable and consistent – straight from a developer’s laptop into a scalable production cluster. We’ve added a new UI and system for comparing deployment versions across present and past states: with this capability you can easily see what’s in production as well as revert it – because every change is recorded in a ‘git’ repository.


Explore resource consumption & container networks

Weave Cloud offers unique ways to explore your application and infrastructure, with a new hierarchical resource utilization view and with topological graph views showing application connectivity. Weave Cloud users are able to reason about their application, correlate behavior, and solve problems faster using our visualizations and in-browser terminals.

Monitor, troubleshooting & incident handling

When an application in production starts demonstrating issues we want a single place to diagnose problems fast and take immediate action. Weave Cloud now includes new incident capture features via a notebook that sits alongside metric charts, with point-in-time comparison and rapid analytic creation.


If these features sound like they’d help your application operations, then our free 60-day trial is just one step away. For more information about the Enterprise Edition contact sales and we’ll be happy to help.