Weave Scope is a zero-config, drop-in solution for visualizing, monitoring and controlling your Docker and Kubernetes cloud-native applications. Today, we’re releasing Weave Scope 0.17, focused on a new Table Mode, performance enhancements as well as a number of other fixes.

Download it here or give it a try through our hosted offering Weave Cloud.

Check the changelog for details, and keep reading for an overview of the highlights. 

Table Mode

Scope 0.17 introduces a Table Mode as an alternative to Scope’s classic graph view. Table mode offers higher information density, and is particularly useful when there are many nodes in the graph view. It’s like a top command, for visualizing your containers!

We’re always exploring new ways to help you better understand and control your container infrastructure. Table mode complements the graph view and allows you to quickly compare properties of your processes, containers and hosts.

Below is a view in Table mode that shows all of our containers sorted by Memory usage:


Fully Integrated With The Weave Scope Experience

Table mode is fully integrated with the existing Scope experience. Additionally to sorting you can continue to use all of Scope’s searching and filtering facilities to drill down into your system’s data. For example, as shown in the screen shot below, we’re looking for all the containers based off of the rabbitmq image.

We search, we find, we inspect.


Toggling between Graph and Table mode is immediate and seamless, allowing you to quickly swap between the two and view your infrastructure!

Performance Improvements

The Scope Agent sits quietly on your system collecting important statistics and data that we visualize and display in the Scope App. Scope 0.17 reduces the already minimal CPU footprint of the Agent by a further 25% making it even easier and cheaper to monitor your high-performance components.

The Scope App has also received significant optimization. Its CPU efficiency has increased more than 50%! This allows it to run on even smaller cloud instances. Of course Weave Cloud can completely remove this burden by letting us host the Scope App for you ;).


As always, your feedback is not only welcomed, but critical to delivering a product that developers love to use! Please let us know what you like, what’s not working, and any improvements or other features you want to see in future releases. Reach out to us on Slack, IRC, Github, or Google Groups.