Weaveworks is a proud sponsor of the International Software Circus Conference on “Programmable Infrastructure” which takes place in Amsterdam next week from September 9 to September 13th.

Bryan Boreham, from Weaveworks will be giving a talk on “Distributed State Management Without Consensus”. In addition to Bryan three other members of the Weaveworks team will be in attendance: Fons, Ilya, and David. All are looking forward to meeting new and existing Weave users.

Weaveworks joins friends from HashiCorpCoreOSGiant Swarm and Container Solutions, to name a few. We fully support the Software Circus Conference’s COMEONECOMEALL diversity initiative.

If you can’t make the International Software Circus Conference,  Bryan Boreham will be giving the same talk at Container Camp in London on September 11th.

Hope to see you at either one of these events.