The Weaveworks’ team kicked off KubeCon and CloudNativeCon 2018 in Copenhagen with a sold out workshop that captured the theme of this year’s show “Your path to production-ready Kubernetes”.

Our DX and Engineering team (both users and contributors to Kubernetes and Prometheus) taught topics around operating, managing and upgrading Kubernetes at scale and implementing gitops based workflows. Our guest speaker from AWS, Omar Lari, covered the latest development on EKS and operating Kubernetes with Amazon web services. Andrew Martin, Controlplane covered security and compliance topics for running Kubernetes workloads in production. If you or your team is interested in training, please reach out to us, we have a full calendar of events coming up.


THE CNCF in 2020

The following day the conference opened and Alexis Richardson, CEO Weaveworks gave a visionary keynote for CNCF 2020: Expanding ecosystem + Kubernetes: just run my code:

We’d like to cite from Chris Aniszczyk’s recap blog “In the bootstrapping days of CNCF, we were laying the foundation of projects required to bootstrap the ecosystem around Kubernetes and cloud native. The next step was increasing the reach of Kubernetes outside of just orchestration and focusing on technology areas such as storage and security. The future of CNCF is all about increasing the mean time to developer satisfaction by improving the state of developer tooling."

Operate and scale Kubernetes with our support

Which brings us right to our own announcement: Weaveworks is proud to now offer Production Grade Kubernetes Support for enterprises. As we have been benefiting for the past 3 years from Kubernetes powering Weave Cloud, our operations as a service offering, we couldn’t be more excited to help teams embrace the benefits of cloud native tooling. Kubernetes enables working as a high velocity team, which means you can accelerate feature development and reduce operational complexity.  But, the gap between theory and practise can be very wide - which is why we've focused on creating GitOps workflows, building from our own experiences of running Kubernetes in production. Our approach uses developer-centric tooling (e.g. git) and a tested approach to help you install, set-up, operate and upgrade Kubernetes. Contact us for more details.


Lastly KubeCon is all about learning and sharing experiences and many of our team members were able to share knowledge. Here is Damien’s talk about “The Untapped Power of Services - L7 Load Balancing Without a Service Mesh”. Damien explains how we at Weaveworks, on occasion need need more than the L3/L4 load balancing offered today with the Service abstraction. The Kubernetes Service and Endpoint objects have some extraordinary untapped powers: they can be used to build artisanal, high-level load balancing and session affinity schemes. Tune in to see a few examples: sharding across endpoints based on a layer 7 key, master endpoint election and demonstrating a tiny reverse proxy implementing service affinity using consistent hashing with bounded load.

And the inspiring conversations never are some impressions from our joint Happy Hour with AWS. 

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