KubeCon Knocked Our Socks Off!

By Cezzaine Zaher
December 18, 2017

What a week we've had in Austin with fellow Kubernauts (4,000 to be exact!) for the annual KubeCon event. Thank you for stopping by our booth and chatting containers, microservices and Kubernetes with us. And don't miss our exciting announcement in collaboration with Google!

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We’ve just returned from a fun and inspiring week with 4000+ Kubernauts, enthusiasts and peers at the annual KubeCon + CloudNativeCon event which took place in Austin. It even snowed for the occasion!

KubeCon Team Photo.jpg

The Weaveworks Team at KubeCon

In case you missed our announcement, Weave Cloud is now available for free to all Google Cloud users. Any developer can sign up today starting at the free tier to launch an app on Kubernetes and move quickly to tests, upgrades and operations. Connecting up to any Git repository, Weave Cloud for GKE adds delivery pipelines, automation, monitoring, and observability to enable application operations at scale. Using the free tiers of both platforms gives developers everything they need to explore Kubernetes and start building cloud native container applications without cost or complexity. Sign up today!

Great Talks

There were some excellent sessions during the show and the recordings are now available. 

Take a look at our Weaveworks, featured talks:

  • Can 100 Million Developers Use Kubernetes? 
    Weaveworks Founder & CNCF TOC, Alexis Richardson
    Watch recording
  • GitOps - Modern best practices for high velocity app dev using cloud native tools
    Alexis Richardson, Weaveworks Founder & William Denniss, Google PM
    Watch recording and view slides 
  • A Practical Guide to Prometheus for App Developers 
    Ilya Dmitrichenko, Developer Experience Engineer
    Watch recording
  • All Things CNCF interview with The NewStack
    CNCF COO Chris Aniszczyk, & Weaveworks CEO Alexis Richardson
    Watch recording

There were also a lot of great talks from partners and friends in the community.

Istio, an open service mesh developed by Google, IBM and Lyft, delivered a workshop to walk through deploying each piece of Istio alongside a microservice application running in Kubernetes and in the process create a service mesh to control the communication.

We’ve put together a Weave Cloud and Istio tutorial, to show you how to configure Istio for microservices and how to use Weave Cloud to explore and monitor the traffic flow between the microservices as it runs in the service mesh in real-time.

Oteemoa, a consultancy specializing in innovative IT automation, presented a session on debugging common Kubernetes cluster and application issues, and how Weave Scope and Weave Net helps them with this. If you’re interested in exploring this further, take a look at our tutorials which walk you through these troubleshooting steps for Weave Cloud Explore (also known as Weave Scope) and Weave Net.

Alex Ellis presented a session on OpenFaaS (or Functions as a Service), a Cloud Native framework for building serverless functions with containers. It comes with a built-in UI and a handy CLI that takes you from scaffolding new functions to deploying them on your Kubernetes cluster. What's special about OpenFaaS is that you can package any executable as a function, and as long as it runs in a Docker container, it will work on OpenFaaS. Read our latest tutorial on running OpenFaaS on GKE. Another cool OpenFaaS project is Colorisebot, a Twitter bot which, if you tweet it a photograph of a black-and-white photograph, will transform it into a picture of technicolor genius. Built by @developius and @olicallaghan_ with help from @alexellisuk - read more in Alex’s OpenFaaS blog.

Congratulations are in order

Firstly, we’d like to congratulate Kubernetes Maintainer and Upper Secondary School Student, Lucas Käldström, on winning the CNCF’s 2017 Top Cloud Native Ambassador Award! Lucas is a core contributor of the SIG-cluster-lifecycle. This particular SIG works on kubeadm, a tool for bootstrapping a best-practice Kubernetes cluster easily


Lucas on the left with his award

“I’m very honored to receive the Top Ambassador Award of the year, and it feels especially great to get it together with Sarah Novotny from Google, who has been a great role model for me and many others in the community. I’ve always been keen to contribute in different ways to this great and open-minded community, and now I’m gonna focus my time on mentoring others, leading the SIG… and finishing Upper Secondary School this spring :) What I love about being in the CNCF sphere is the inclusive, diverse and transparent community structure, which is something I strive towards improving every day in various ways, for example by being kind when answering issue requests or bug reports, or making sure to sincerely thank the contributors for their PRs they send to keep the project alive. Meeting the community in person is also exciting, either in meetups of various kinds or during the nicely-organized KubeCons.” said Lucas

Congratulations Lucas, what a great way to end the year!

We’d also like to congratulate Jedrzej Nowak, the winner of our MoodyKubie prize give-away at the event. The MoodyKubie is a kubernetes-native face recognition service built to run on top of an ARM clusters of Cubieboard 2.0’s. You too can create one, we’ve put all the instructions in Github.


Jedrzej Nowak, our winner

Socks, socks and more socks!

If you scored a pair of socks from us at the show, please share and tag us on Twitter (@Weaveworks) or Facebook #WeaveSocks. And check out our SockShop microservices demo app at weave.works/socks.


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