It was obvious from KubeCon Seattle 2016 and +CloudNative Con that the Kubernetes community is excited about what the future holds for open source containerization and network monitoring. We particularly enjoyed attending the Kubernetes developer summit, where we talked about kubeadm’s future and making it more production-ready by enabling upgrades and HA.

Weaveworks would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about Weaveworks as well as everyone who attended Tom Wilkie’s session on Weave Cortex and Prometheus. We had a great time discussing open source projects and what comes next for Weaveworks.

If you didn’t attend, we hope to see you at the next KubeCon conference. In the meantime, we wanted to share a few things you may have missed.

Weave Featured in David Aronchick Keynote

David Aronchick’s keynote was one of the standout presentations of KubeCon Seattle. He presented a demo of a federated hybrid cloud using Kubernetes federation and Weave Net for a secure cross-cloud pod network that enabled encrypted database replication between clusters. Weave Scope and Weave Cloud were also featured in this demonstration. You can check out the demo yourself on GitHub.

Tom Wilkie introduced Weave Cortex

Tom Wilkie introduced Weave Cortex, Weaveworks’ Prometheus-based monitoring as a service.  Previously referred to as Project Frankenstein or Prism, Cortex is a fully open source solution, from design to development. Tom shared the advantages Prometheus adopters could achieve by implementing Weave Cortex in their container networking. If you missed the presentation, you can view the slides here.

We believe Prometheus and Kubernetes are a perfect pair. With everyone focusing on cloud-native computing, we see more users adopting Prometheus going forward since it was designed to meet the needs of dynamic cloud-native environments.

If you’re interested in learning more about Weave Cortex and getting started on your own project, visit Weave Cortex on GitHub.

Mathew Lodge on theCube

During KubeCon, Weaveworks COO and CNCF board member Mathew Lodge sat down with John Furrier of theCube. They discussed the early days of Kubernetes and the future of cloud-native computing. One advantage of cloud-native computing Mathew highlighted is its ability to deliver the “agility that people are looking for” as well as “doing computing in a new way.”

Mathew talked about the large and still growing Kubernetes community. He mentions the growth in end-user adoption, and “the number of jobs mentioning Kubernetes skillsets has spiked.” With adoption increasing, we can’t wait to see the wonderful things that will come out of Kubernetes.

Proud to be open source

Weaveworks is proud to offer open source solutions. It’s part of who we are, and has contributed to our success in delivering a scale-out service. We can’t wait to continue the open source discussion at AWS re:Invent Nov. 28 – Dec. 2. There, we’ll talk about how Weave can help you deliver more innovative software faster. And, of course, there will be more #becauseWeaveworks swag. We’ll see you there.