FOSDEM, is gearing up for it’s annual free and non-commercial event for the open-source community in Brussels on 3-4 February 2018. The goal is to provide open source software developers and communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Weaveworks Director of Engineering, Bryan Boreham (@bboreham), will be attending and giving a couple of interesting talks. If you’re heading to the show, be sure to check out his sessions:

Make your Go go faster!
Optimising performance through reducing memory allocations

This talk will preset a set of techniques to make your Go programs run faster.

Starting with CPU profiling, moving through memory allocation profiling, to escape analysis, we will point out some less-well-known corners of the runtime, how they impact performance, and how to mitigate this impact.

Often, the single biggest drain on performance in a Go program is the garbage collector. Each release of the Go runtime comes with a slightly faster collector, but you can make much bigger performance improvements by not creating garbage in the first place: if you can rework your code to make fewer heap allocations, then the garbage collector will run less often and have less work to do.

Examples will be drawn from real-world experience optimising the Open Source container visualisation project Weave Scope.

Talk details

Grafanalib - Dashboards as Code
A lightning-fast introduction to Grafanalib, a small Python library that lets you create dashboards as code.

Target audience for the library is people using and amending Grafana dashboards, but the underlying idea is of interest to anyone doing Ops or DevOps.

Grafanalib is an Open Source Python library that lets you create dashboards as code ( Once your dashboards are code you can check them in, PR them and have a CI/CD pipeline - GitOps!

Talk will cover:

  • Basic primitives in the library - YAxis, Graph, Tooltip and so on
  • Higher-level components such as QPSGraph
  • Build your own components such as a LatencyGraph or a REDRow.
  • How to deploy dashboards created using Grafanalib

Talk details

If you’re heading out earlier, there’s also a Pre-FOSDEM warm-up with Kubernetes meetup taking place on Friday, February 2, 2018 at 7:00 PM.


  • How to use your Kubernetes remote control, or: kubectl in action
    (Michael Hausenblas, Developer Advocate at Red Hat, OpenShift team)
  • Introduction to Kubernetes Networking
    (Bryan Boreham, Director of Engineering at Weaveworks, maintainer of CNI and Weave Net)
  • Infrastructure components for Kubernetes deployments
    (Sergiusz Urbaniak, Senior Software Engineer at Gesundheitscloud, ex-CoreOS installer team)

Visit the meet-up page to learn more and to RSVP to attend