Monitoring may seem to be only about tracking some key performance indicators (KPIs) on your system to determine if the performance of your microservices are achieving their goals. While this may be true for monolithic apps, monitoring microservices in the cloud is a totally different animal.

Monitoring your microservices and infrastructure is critical to troubleshooting problems that come up in a production environment. If you can not troubleshoot your systems quickly, you risk not only losing time and incurring operating expenses, but you also deliver a poor customer experience that could result in lost revenue. 

The goal of monitoring your microservices and infrastructure is to capture performance bottlenecks and potential issues before they become problems for development teams or end users. It is not just about collecting metrics, but converting those metrics into insights and actions that you can execute to continuously improve end-user experience and ROI.

Read our latest whitepaper to learn:

  • The different methodologies, metrics and approaches to effectively monitor microservices 
  • How monitoring fits into the concept of observability
  • Why Prometheus is the best monitoring tool for container-native environments
  • User-centric alerting
  • How Weave Cloud extends Prometheus to provide greater monitoring capabilities