With September upon us, what better way to start Q4 other than igniting modern operations in your team with our webinars. We’ll be discussing key cloud-native technology topics such as GitOps best practices, EKS, Kubernetes on EC2, and so much more. Our month-long series kicks off this week - a theoretical presentation is being held this Tuesday with a complimentary hands-on 90-min AWS sponsored virtual workshop, taking place Thursday the same week.

Why EKS + GitOps?

With GitOps on EKS, users can now launch fully-configured managed Kuberenetes cluster with EKS and easily add the software required to run their production applications. All of this is managed using code stored in a Git repo - tooling familiar to almost every developer. But there are more questions that immediately arise for larger organizations:

How do I simplify cluster configuration with GitOps? Why does a ‘self-service’ developer platform matter? How can my team greatly reduce the time for each release?

These are just some of the topics that we will be covering in our upcoming webinar series.

Migrating from Self-Managed Kubernetes on EC2 to a GitOps Enabled EKS
(September 14, 10:00 EST and September 21, 13:00 EST )

In this session, Weaveworks will discuss how to migrate from self-managed Kubernetes on EC2 to a GitOps managed Shared Services Platform (SSP) on EKS. A SSP built on EKS and managed with Weave GitOps provides developers and operators with common workflows to update both applications and infrastructure.

Topics we will cover:

  • How to migrate from Kubernetes on EC2 to EKS
  • How Weave GitOps speeds up application deployment through faster and more independent workflows for application developers
  • How Weave GitOps and EKS keep security and compliance at the forefront
  • How to reduce operational overhead for platform management

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How Dream11 Scaled to Record Growth While Reducing Costs with Weave GitOps on AWS
(September 28, 10:00am - 11:00am PST)

Find out how Dream11, the world’s largest fantasy sports platform, leveraged AWS with Weaveworks solutions to deploy a GitOps managed Shared Services Platform on EKS, resulting in enhanced performance and substantial cost savings.

Topics we will cover:

  • What GitOps is and why it’s an optimal way to operate Kubernetes at scale
  • Strategies for streamlining operations for cloud native applications and infrastructure
  • Best practices for seamlessly implementing GitOps

Featured Speakers:

  • Qamar Shaikh, Director of Platform, Dream11
  • Daniel Lizio-Katzen, Head of Strategy & Partnerships, Weaveworks
  • David Symon, Architect and Kubernetes Consultant, Weaveworks
  • Curtis Rissi, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, Containers, AWS

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Excited about the opportunities of cloud native development, GitOps and Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) - but not sure how to navigate your organization to the path of success? Whether your team is already using Kubernetes in the cloud or behind the firewall, they need battle-tested architectures, workflows and skills to operate EKS reliably.  

Check out our GitOps on AWS On-demand Webinar Series, where accelerating software delivery lifecycles on EKS and creating disaster recovery plans are one of the many topics discussed.